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Originally Posted by AFTdesigns View Post
This is great! I think for me where I'm most calm is just when I'm writing/journaling. I feel I can get the ick out of my head and onto paper. And the fact that I just LOVE pens and paper helps as well
My DDis the SAME! hahaha!! She loves for those multi-color Zebra pens. Journals with them all of the time. She even color codes her notes in her college classes with them. I am not good with journaling although when I was in treatment for my eating disorder we had to do that as part of group therapy session. I think I ended up just drawing circles and scribbles over and over. One woman ended up stabbing her paper and other had us all spit on hers. Then we threw them in the garbage all torn up. Very cathartic
Originally Posted by VickiStegall View Post
I found an app for my phone called Insight Timer. It's a free guided meditation app and it has 1000's of guided meditations on it. I absolutely love it.
This is more where I should be at instead of journaling like up there ^^ Is this on iTunes? Must check it out!

Yesterday was cold here but the sun was shining and I did a bit of yardwork, uncovering some of the daffodils and tulips coming up- felt so good!


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