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Default Brand New & Can't Post yet? Or don't know how?

Are you brand new to our community and wondering how you’re going to get 5 posts so you can post in the challenges? It's easier than you think!

You can email Vicki at and let me know, I’ll edit your post count for you


You can make 5 comments on layouts in the gallery


You can make 5 comments in the Introduce yourself forum -

Wondering what to do after you've got your 5 posts? Or what to do with that first layout?

Once you're registered and have your 5 posts, you will need to post your layout(s) in the Oscraps gallery then go to the "tracking" thread in the 12 Days event here: and post the link(s) to your layout(s) there.

Here's a tutorial on how to upload a layout to the gallery:

Here's a tutorial on how to post the image and a link to your layout in a thread:


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