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I like walking and hiking when it's nice out. In my basement I have a recumbent exercise bike. When I'm really trying to get going again, I put on an episode of a show I love, bike for 15-20 min., then do some leg lifts, crunches, and arm exercises with weights. Nothing at all fancy. But it would really help if I would actually do that again!!

I did say to my husband the other day that given my addiction to books and shows where the heroine kicks butt, maybe I should get in shape by learning to kick butt. There is a kickboxing place, mostly for women, not far from my house. There is another place that does more fighting style stuff, but they have a "Thai Boxing" class that is coed. I'm considering both of those, but I feel so intimidated to go to the classes. I need to figure out a way to get over that.


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