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Just a quick pop up as I know that Chris will ended getting this fourth dog.
It's a personal experience advice: don't put feelings, be very rational, count the space you have, and the behave of the all three dogs. I'm made mistake to overrated the situation and to have too many animals on not enough space brings fights and start disease, as Nature have own rules for population control.

Also be strong at decision only to FOSTER and don't become closer with him! It you could find new home for him, this will be perfect Christmas miracle! But if have even the weakest possibilities to start love it immediately, better don't go to see it.
I hate when life put us in this situation! But you can't fix the world, no matter how hard you try, and I'm too tired to think that we should continue to try! Good luck in your decision, no meter did it will be to wave a white flag or to take this journey!
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