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Trudy- how much snow did Heather get? Please let it melt quickly, although I bet the boys were excited to see it. we didn't get any snow last night (whew!) but might get some on Tuesday. I can't believe you are having more trouble with your modem, Actually I *can* believe it. pfft. Did your Gary have any luck getting it hardwired?
technology is a blessing and a curse!!! I do miss some of the smiliies a lot! Gaah and the coffee ones, for sure
The grands are lucky to have both sets of g-parents!

Kay- how nice to have the new earrings go in so easily, you will be happy when you can switch new ones in all of the time. You must be getting excited to have the family together soon. Is that in two weeks, before T-Day?
To add in to the day confusion, we have been experiencing time confusion, since all of the wall clocks are down too. ha!!

felis- Bet the house looks and smells all sparkly. But I am sorry that you weren't able to enjoy it with your family. Hope that today is a more relaxing day for you.


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