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Good morning girls!
Thursday was mostly day for big and detailed cleaning. At Friday (which is now ) my family make small party, nothing spectacular, mostly family members. But I'm not on your opinion and actually think that the closest people criticise us more than strangers, as they pretend to know us, and knew what is to be in our shoes. Add that people here loves gossip, so yes it was need lots of painstaking. Even we have similar to Trudy's warm weather, the days are now so short, so no option for garden party.

Chris, I'm agree with Kay, when holidays arrived you'll be so proud from the results you got now! Have fun with your dad! Hope Cait's allergy went fast!

Trudy, the hike trail sounds intrigued, but is understable why you had to skip it. Hope the next week is somewhere closer and the weather still allows hikes! Oh yes these equipment replacement and readjustment are always stressful! Hope all will be set up fast!
I don't remember did I told you, but this summer I hunt out my favorite swim at coffee smiley, as I was addicted to it . They are missing because the host O used is being banned by the lady who is copyrighted them. You can remove all broken smileys from O as she don't allows to be used anymore without paid subscription.

Kay, my mom have similar problem with her ears and she have one pair small silver thin hoop earrings just for sleep. In some cases gold can be also reason this to happen.

Nancy, get well soon!
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