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Well, here I am with most of the morning gone and I am still in my PJs... Need to get my shower soon then get started on the laundry. Slept in until after 6:30AM so guess my body is finally adjusting to the time change.

DD#1 came over for coffee yesterday and we spent the morning visiting and talking about up-coming plans for the family. I got her to change my earrings and they slipped right in with no problems. So I should be able to change them myself from now on. Glad to have some smaller posts on this pair as the other ones (for pricing ears with a sharp point) bothered me at night when I laid on them. Will give it another week then change over to ones with wires.

Chris, so glad you got so much of the painting done! Know you will be happy to have it all finished before the holidays arrive. I know what you mean about days seeming to run into each other and trying to keep track. Glad my computer has the day of week along with the date on it as that helps me keep up with what day it is.

Nancy, so sorry that you got a cold... but glad it isn't related to your knee surgery. Hope all is going well with the PT and your are recovering okay.

Trudy, you made the right call to not try to go on that rugged drive for the hike. So sorry about all the problems with modem exchange and getting things hooked back up. It is always a big challenge to things set up the way you want them.

Time to get my shower and get busy with my chores. CYL
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