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Trudy- IMHO, you made a smart choice about your hike. It sounds like it is a good one to do, but not at the cost of your car. Sounds like you would need a realignment when you were done with that road.
It is so interesting how different the painting come out- it must be such a *fun* painting technique to do.
When my kids were little they used to say that they were going to buy houses next to each other and build tunnels (like the hamster cages, Habitrails?) between then. I could get with that

Nancy- yuck about being sick- I am glad that it had nothing to do with your knee. But if it is the same head/chest cold that we have here, it is a PITB! I am still hacking up a lung. Great to hear that the Devils are getting their act together.
My BFF texted me a news article the other day about Mark Pavlich (NYR from the 80s), that he was arrested fro attacking his neighbor. He was found incompetent to stand trial, they think he has TBI. So sad what is happening to NFL and NHL players
Feel better-- sending you some soup and tea!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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