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Default Daily Ooo's: Thursday, November 7

Good morning! It is a Thursday that feels like Friday ATM, but will eventually feel more like a Wednesday, I think.
My plans yesterday and today got all flipped around but they (seem to) have worked themselves out ok so that is a net positive for me.

Yesterday, I started painting and kept going until I was almost ready to head over to my neighbor's to clean for him. I usually go over while he is food shopping with out other neighbor since he doesn't drive. But he wasn't going food shopping and usually comes over here to hang with Gary so we aren't in each other's way. Here- there is nowhere to sit!
He is shopping today so I kept painting and will head over there this afternoon. 98% of the room is all cut in and baseboards are done too. I am almost ready to rock and roll (ha!) tomorrow with my dad.
This morning I am off to the allergist with Cait for a recheck/med adjustment since she is still getting hives.


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