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Default What do you do for Self-Care?

Self-care seems like such a "millennial" concept, doesn't it? But it makes a lot of sense.

Right now, I am going through a stressful time. My mom has been in the hospital since last Friday, after a long summer of being sick and seeing different Drs. She has something wrong with her kidneys and her heart. They haven't been able to do a catheterization on her because her kidneys were not functioning properly so it has been a lot of chaos with the situation. My brother and father bicker a lot with her so I am the mediator in the family. The hospital is about an hour and a half from me so the trip back and forth is tiring on top of the emotional bits.
So that has been Huge Stress #1-10 *wink*
Yesterday in between fielding phone calls from the family, I had to take one of my dogs to the vet since she was throwing up blood. (And why do pets *always* have to throw up on the carpet, never on the tile? WHY??? ) I get home from the vet and start steam cleaning the carpets. I am almost finished when the poor doggo poops blood on the carpet. (Sorry TMI )
I take all three dogs outside and now Pup #3 also has diarrhea.. so I am back on the phone with the vet and boiling up a huge batch of chicken and rice for them and sorting out the meds that Pup #2 and #3 will need and when.
Huge Stresses #11-16, perhaps 17?

While not a stress-factor, all that keeps running through my brain is that "I am supposed to be down the shore!!!!" My mom and I go down the shore in Sept every year for a couple of days, sit on the beach, treat ourselves at a nice restaurant. Usually, we seem to get stuck with bad weather but the weather this week has been beautiful. Too bad that we had to cancel the trip because my mom is stuck in a hospital bed. pfft. THB, I think she is more upset about that then the heart issues she is having. For real.

So to the self-care concept... I don't take care of myself like I should. Like most women, I run myself ragged until I drop.

Do you do that too? (I am going to bet- "Yes.")

That is a bad habit and my daughter is always telling me to practice self-care. But what? I have been trying to meditate a bit before I fall asleep. It helps but it isn't enough. I am looking for ideas that are easy and inexpensive (because money is Huge Stresses #20-3,086,559 )

What do you do for self-care and how do you squeeze it into a busy day?

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