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Originally Posted by Danesa View Post

And, for girls loaned me their Harry Potter Series (I gave them haha) so I will start reading those at night, so I don't scare myself with my spy books. haha Of course, I may get scaredy cat with Harry too. haha I know I'm probably the ONLY living person who has not read a Harry Potter book yet. Getting ready to remedy that.
OMG! You are going to LOOOOOOOVE them. They need to be read more than once. You will pick up things from Book One that reappear in Book 6 or the groundwork for something is set in 2 and then isn't seen again until later on. She is brilliant!

Fun family story: I got the last HP Book on preorder- the day it came was a Saturday and I had plans to take the kids to the lake to swim. We got there, I sat down with the book and told them "Don't drown."
I read that book in 2 days!

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