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Originally Posted by BrightEyes View Post
To really get to know the characters, I would start with the first book in the "Bishop" - Special Crimes Unit series...Stealing Shadows. She usually writes in a group of three books with connecting titles. Stealing Shadows, Hiding in the Shadows, Out of the Shadows... for example. These are about FBI agents with PSI abilities. She also has a lot of romance books - most written before she started the Bishop series. I like them and have many of them in my collection.
If I find an author I like, I will go their website and print off their book list. I like to read most books in the order they were written. I can use the list to keep track of which books I have and/or which books I have read.

I *have* to read the books in order, even if it isn't necessary. i tend to be pretty finicky about that. Just a tiny bit. ha!! I feel like have read something of hers before, I just can't remember what. Next time I am at the library I am going to look her up. Thanks!

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