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Default What are you reading in 2019?

I used to follow all of the book recommendations in the past threads about this. I also used to be on a lot too. Technically, I am still on there, I just don't keep anything up to date anymore.
But I am always searching for new books and authors so let's discuss what your favorite books are and what you are reading now and then next.

I hadn't been reading much this past year, not anywhere as much as I used too. Over the summer I started re-reading the Harry Potter series (again!) and am halfway through Book 5. For Christmas I got the Michelle Obama autobiography, "Becoming" and I love her so I love the book. (I just got the point where she meets Barack-- not a love at first sight story ) If she is even half as sweet as she is in the book in IRL, she must be such a great person to be around. I admire her so much.

When I am done with this, I am not sure what I want to pick up next.
So-- tell me, what are you reading?

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