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Good morning, girls!
Thank you so much for your support and kindly words. I know I'm complaining always for the same, but it's nice to have support. Oh yes, it was what it was, I'm come back after I'm better. And what you said I'm blessed to have my family, that is true!
Please be honest with me and tells me, when my posts are too long or if I'm doing something wrong. I want to be nice interlocutor! My sister murmoring me that my sentences are way too long. I have to work on short and more exact utterance, but in my language to be descriptive and with metaphors and references is my usual style. Other point is that in conversation here is usual to answer with your experience and examples related to the subject of conversation, so often I sounds a little bit selfish/self-occupied.
...Busy and boring day. The only thing was that I almost finished to watch WWII related british detective TV series "Foyle's War ". It was interesting to watch, but also difficult and painful as we was on the wrong side at that war, before to open our eyes for the true character of our allies. So the bad guys, the enemy which they hate so much and attacked was actually us. It's frightening that there are only passed 75 years from the desante at Normandy. And still on so many places have other wars. As humanity never learns the lessons of the history.
I think I needs some more frivolous TV series for the summer, and also hope soon to be able to buy these audiobooks I want! No time for read or scrap, unfortunately!

Chris, I knew your knee are overwhelmed! Hope you can fix all with the paper side and can use full potential of that PT session! Great about your successful finding of gifts! Hope your cleaning goes well this afternoon!

Kay, so sorry for the sad news, my condolence! Life is unpredictable. But sure help to care better for our bodies! I must start some exercises too. Sounds fun to have your own exercycle! My sister was trying to use these fitness appliances in the park, but they are near to coffee and too many people watching, very embarrassing and similar with the fitness where always have men.

Nancy, such a relief that surgery was easier one and with kind doctors! I think he is just trying to be more clear and precise with this double repeat off all instruction. I had this very ugly habit to repeat every story twice, adding more details the second time. Aww the goalie's speech sounds inspiring, indeed! I don't think celebrities is necessary or fair to be treated as a role model, because they are humans after all, and have right to act naturally and do and say whatever they really feels not what the society requires! But as a fangirl I also admit that they could be very inspiring!

Trudy, great that on second try the bubbles are gone. Yey for the rain! I don't know about the coffee shop, but these days Etsy is just awful! I want so much it finally to start work for you, after the whole time you spend there! Oh this story for dancing Hunter is so cute!

Jean, our weather is similar to your, pretty nice days, and then it really rained in the night, but this was actually relief, because I really hate muggy, sweating weather! Would be great to live somewhere where is always autumn. Oh yes I'm big fan of Joanne too and have idea for this, but yet no time.
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