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Trudy- sorry that you weren't able to go on your hikes, but it seems like it was a smart decision. I was hoping to do the yoga walk this morning since the Summer Wellness program started yesterday. But the grass is going to be soaked even if it isn't raining. Maybe next week it will work out. I really wish I could send you some rain, everything here is so soggy. Do you have any rain in your forecast?Hope that you aren't grumpy anymore, and yes, more is always good. (I miss the smilies toooo!)
*fingers crossed for no-bubble resin*
I think a big part of my trouble with searching in the shop is that I get an idea in my head of what I am looking for and have a hard time accepting a different kit's color or style if I can't find *exactly* what I want.
How was Mason's fun day at school?

Jean- are you taking photos of the collage in progress? I am jealous of your nice weather but maybe I will see some sun soon. I think it is supposed to be nice here on Saturday.
Did you have a yummy dinner? It is always nice to go somewhere special.

Kay- I am happy that you are feeling better! OTOH, I am jealous of your creativity It is nice to be able to have fresh air for a little while before it gets too hot.

ae- I am so glad that Bailey is in a good place and that she will be there for a while. She needs that stability and you and Jen do too. The pages you have been scrapping of her all look very happy.
Yeah, I do eat dairy and have looked into anti-inflammatory diets before. But between financial issues and other food/diet issues, it isn't something that I can cut out.
I miss hearing Taz stories, give him a belly rub from me.

Felis- nice to see you back!! I am glad that you got some extra hours and some extra money from work, but I am not happy that you were feeling destructive. I am hoping that has passed by now. It sounds like you say that you are happier and I hope that you can focus on that even when you don't feel content. Gary and I both feel that way, however, when we compare ourselves to other people and to where we thought we would be at this point in our lives. This sure isn't the life we expected.
Thanks for the compliment on my cow page too.


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