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Default Daily Ooo's: Thursday, June 20

Blergh. Another chilly, rainy, and dark day. This is such a drag. One thing that I dislike the most about when it is chilly but humid is that you feel hot and cold at the same time. In the house, I was sweaty, put on capris and a t, got cold, threw on a long sleeve t- got too hot. Driving in the car, I would turn the fan on, get cold, turn it off, then get stuffy, back on, then cold. iy-yi-yi.

It felt like a really long day yesterday. I was able to get a couple of things for my brother and Arlene at TJ MAXX, they had a lot of stuff on Clearance which was nice. The PT Eval was fine. The guy seemed a bit shocked at how weak I am. I have to start building strength in my hips, which will help my knee and ankle stay stable. But that means that my knee pain isn't from Lyme. Whew!!!!! PT will be twice a week for up to 8 weeks. But there is a catch. (There is *always* a catch. ) It isn't really a catch but more BS with the health insurance. I have to call there *again* to find out if I need an "insurance referral." I was told by the ins co that I needed a referral from my GP. I got that but according to the PT Office, it isn't the right kind of referral. My ins co. website says that I need a GP referral for the Eval and Prior Authorization to continue PT. The PT office is telling me that is incorrect. So which is it?? Who the heck knows.
So that is my morning plan. On the phone trying to not lose it on the poor customer service people. What fun.

I have to clean in the afternoon and figure out what to do about dinner. More fun. heh!! It is all good.


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