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Originally Posted by felis View Post
Courtney, you're so right about all these! For the juices alternative is to make them yourself with nutrient extractor.
Is this mean that you follow a sugar-free way of eating?! Because unfortunately sweet is my vice. And to replace them with Agave nectar and Stevia is expensive, difficult to be found, and they aren't my local so their transport will left bad mark on the eco-politics. So I'm curious about alternatives.

Chris, I'm sure you wouldn't be reckless, but I needed to accent on this because I gave you to many ideas.
Yes, I use those sweeteners, but for me they are easy to come by at my local grocers. I am not a big sweet eater. The only thing I use sugar in is my tea, which is only a teaspoon and I use raw sugar. That's pretty much it.
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