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I used to tag everything when I was using PSE years ago but then when subsequent versions came out and that area changed significantly I was faced with the task of tagging everything again and I was like......... NO!!!

I started using my File Explorer and have been doing so for the last 4-5 years......... I have a main folder for the store, then the designer folders are underneath. All 'new' stuff is unzipped to a new file under the store folder, called NEW. Once it is used I move it to the relevant designer's folder. So I just work with those folders and drag stuff to over to either PSE or Photoshop.

For the Mini O, I make a folder under the New Files folder and then unzip everything to that, when I have used them to make a page I then put the individual products into their own folders "Name of Kit, Papers etc Mini O-Jan19" and then place it into the relevant designer's folder.

So in a nutshell I don't have to tag anything and it really doesn't take me long to find the things that I want to make a page with.

(In File Explore I have the folder structure set up so when I click on the folder in the Folder Pane (on the left hand side) I can view the contents on the right hand pane and so I just drag from there onto my layout.) Here is a visual to show what I mean.

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