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Default Jotters: Quick Notes - Ephemera by Vicki Stegall

So, I was cleaning out my purse the other day and noticed that I had a gazillion receipts and such with notes written on the back. It got me to thinking, that when I paper scrapped I saved all the receipts from special events and put them in my scrapbooks. So, I got totally inspired and "Jotters: Quick notes" was born!

You get:

* 2 napkins (1 grungy, 1 folded)
* 3 straw wrappers (sm, med, large - perfect for dates like file tabs!)
* 3 receipts (1 extra long, 1 sm, 1 folded)
* 2 torn paper bags (1 stapled photo corner, 1 tab sized)
* 1 wrapper

Available at here

My Gallery :: My Blog

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