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good late afternoon - I am being sucked into a Big Little Lies season 2. HBO is showing season 2 all in a row this afternoon. I watched season one and it was good so I am glad I am seeing season 2. Had a nice long talk with my sister. She says it is weird to be doing it from home. She is not sure how it will work. She said that her daughter is getting her groceries and stuff. That is awesome. Got out for a long walk with Luther. We saw the usual birds and the park was wet after all the rain and no sun. Yes no sun again and it is damp and chilly. I did do something while out on the walk with Luther. He was limping and my DH was not sure why and I said it was the harness he was wearing was too loose and it was irritating his skin as he has gotten really itchy. Well my DH did not believe me but he took off the harness to make it tighter and right away his limp went away. My DH changed it today but it still is making him itch. So glad I could help Luther. My DH picked up Luther's meds and they did not allow people inside unless the pet was to be seen. Good for them. My DH did cook last night so that was a treat. Not much else to day. I will be cooking tonight.

Chris love the memes. Thanks for the smiles. Glad you are getting your painting done. I am sure it will be awesome!

Trudy how fun to be able to talk to the grandkids. And how fun you both played Who am I. We loved that game when my kids were young. Good luck finding your mojo. All I can say is the heart I saw on FB was spectacular and that is awesome mojo.

Rae so glad Jen is better! That is great news. The caretaker for B sounds so terrific and glad you get talk every day.

Waving to all
Grateful to have a DH that helps
Grateful for you all!
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