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Good morning ladies. Talked to Jen last night and she is starting to feel a bit better. She's awake longer and starting to eat more. Talked to B last night and she understands why we can't see her right now so is happy to talk on the phone every day with us, sometimes twice. Plus she chats with Jen once or twice a day too. The caretaker is being great with her, she got her some more puzzles and word search books to do until we can get to her and bring more.

Today I brought out my 50 mm lens and too some pics of Taz to scrap with. Snapped a few of D too (he hates getting his photo taken but indulged me). I will start taking more Taz and food photos during this isolation time. Haven't done that for awhile.

Chris - its fun to get lost in a game. Works you brain and destresses you. D is doing tons of crosswords every day.

Hope everyone is healthy and finding ways to destress and deal with the isolation. I feel better now that I'm not watching the news. It was just too much overload. Now I watch in the morning for a few minutes and then in the evening for a few minutes, that's it.

I told Jen to watch The Daily Show on Youtube. All the Trump stuff will get her laughing but in general, Trevor Noah is just so entertaining no matter what he talks about. Watched James Corben special last night and enjoyed it.

Today is work, laundry and doing some meal planning and pantry sorting.

Reading a good book, The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter.

Have a good day, BFN.
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