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Good very late morning everyone! The sun is out and there is fresh snow on the mountain tops. It looks so pretty, but very happy that it is up high and not here on the ground. So a very chilly morning. I hope it warms up a bit so I can get out for a short walk and get the mail. I got what I needed to do here yesterday done. Except for making a page I will give it another try today! I did get a bit of painting accomplished, but today I think I might watch a movie while having my lunch. I haven't really been watching too much tv. DH always falls asleep during the shows we try to watch at night, so I end up shutting it off and browse the internet instead. Usually watching painting videos on youtube . Poor DH is getting worn out from the extra work. I wish he would just retire already!! Even if it means we might have to sell out house, it would be worth it I think. Not that anyone is looking at buying houses right now . I had a really fun facetime with the boys this morning and Mason and I played the "Guess Who" game together. We both got it delivered yesterday, so that was fun, the little stinker beat me 5 games in a row . Then Isaac and Sadie called and we had a great talk too! Their Mom had to work today, she had to cover for someone who has gotten the virus, but only had to be in the office for today attending a bunch of meetings. I doubt that she will be anywhere near where the person who got sick was. (fingers crossed!). I imagine that the meetings will be virtual also.

Chris - Thanks for the memes!! They made me chuckle!! Love the ball with the teeth, OMG how hilarious! So nice to hear that your mom and dad are getting out for walks! I need to call the In-laws today and see how they are doing. I was checking my hair today and so far the roots are not too bad, glad I got my hair done right before all of this craziness!! Might have to trim DH's hair pretty soon, but that shouldn't be too difficult. I wonder if mine will get long enough to put into a ponytail?? I haven't had long hair like that for many years! I will post a pic of the baby yoda when it is done for sure! Yes Gary's knees held up for our little hike, he said he could feel them for sure, but they weren't too bad. Do I believe that?? Thanks for liking my new AVI, I think that I look a bit stunned in it but I don't have that many photos of myself.

Nancy - I bet that having the guys around all the time is really putting a Kibosh on your daily routine!! Yes I think that DH and I will probably be putting on some weight also! I miss my swimming and its no fun to hike alone. Especially now that Bears have been sighted on many of the trails around here. Yes I really liked that last episode of Outlander and remember this next part from the book. I hope that they don't stray too much from this part of the book! Hope that the guys don't drive you too crazy today and that you get out for a lovely walk with Luther!

Ok I better get a few things done around here, bathrooms need cleaning not my favourite job for sure! Sure hope I can get a page scrapped today too, my mojo is out the window! Have a lovely day everyone!
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