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Rae- We watched NCIS:LA last night and it seems like they are getting ready to do a lot of character turnover? I am really glad that you are able to keep working, even if it isn't a full schedule. How is Jen feeling today?
Good luck with the dieting/watching carbs. I know how much better you feel when you eat healthily. Are Farmer's Markets going to be open? I hope that they will be here. I'd rather be outdoors shopping than inside the store. MY eating habits haven't changed yet, but I am finding that I am running the dishwasher much more often with the kids home 24/7.
My mom and my Sis-in-Law said the same, low-key funky down mood. The weather here (cold and rainy) is not helping at all.
Love you!!!!

Trudy- What a pretty avi!!! I should change mine, someday Yay for a better mood!!!!! That is the cutest thing- baby yodas! Make sure you share a pic with us when you get yours. How awesome to get on a pretty hike, your Gary's knees helped up ok? Congrats on another sale.
I am worried about running out of eggs soon. Are you still able to get eggs from SIL? I would trade you oil and flour for eggs in a heartbeat! haha

Nancy- OMG! Yes!! Why do they all have to be in my teeny tiny kitchen at the same time! And then Ray, she *has* to be in the kitchen under my feet. 4 adults and 2-3 dogs is too much in an 8'x5' space.
How long have they been at home FT now? It has been since March 12 here. Hope they all get into a routine soon for you. So happy to hear that you are loving this season of Outlander. Can't wait for it. Plus Book 9.
Great news that your sister can work from home.
Yes, you are totally right about giving ourselves some slack. As you all know, it is a tough thing for me on a good day. If we can each remind each other to do that, be gentle with ourselves, I am sure we will be better at it.

Sending hugs to all of you!!! xoxoxoxo!!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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