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Originally Posted by FloridaGranny View Post
Thanks, faerywings! (Sorry, I don't remember your real name either.) We do have Amazon Prime and that's a place I never thought to look. Good suggestion! The fact that they have a bunch of different yoga classes might be a good way to stay motivated, too. That's a shame about your ankle, but I can imagine you have to take it easy for now. Feet do a lot of work in yoga! Thanks for the help. Diane (former New Jersey person).
Oh, funny, Madi (Diane). Yes, getting there is the hard part, isn't it?
Hey Diane (commits your name to memory which will last an undetermined amount of time )
PT for the ankle starts on Monday- I did 2 months last summer after surgery in March and now I have to go back. Does that count as exercise? heh.
I hope that you find some good yoga on Prime.
Chris <-- wishes she lived in FL instead of NJ most days

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