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Originally Posted by LSlycord View Post
Felis, is that your name or just a nickname for Oscraps?
Well Felis is nickname, which I'm using mostly when expressing my creative side. It's came from the time when I was taken latin language classes. If you ask me did I use it at my daylife, yes totally, but my bird name is Aleksandra (with k and s , please). It's came from our king, but also means defender, so yes I'm guess it presents me very well too. It's just more often for business situation, my family never use my full name, and my friends mostly calls me on some of the short forms. But again it depends on from where you knows me and how I'm presented at that situation. . I'm not a flat person . It have lots of additional stories why is Felis (forums), why is Alek Felis (Instagram, shopping) instead AlexFelis which just freaks me out as obviously the correct form for me is Aleks.
But in shorten, yes Felis is personal nickname, not username.

Hmm, look on that as that story for Rumpelstiltskin, if you don't guess the right name, you'll receive a cat! ! I'm cats fostering mom so instead of taking your child I'll will give you one more .
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