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Hi girls, I have awful migraine whole day. Yesterday's forbidden hat revenge me for that walk at the cold. And because I'm not sure when the forum upgrade will start will keep this post short. I was able to cross off all of the things that was plan for today, so don't want to miss this.

Chris, hope the visit with your parents to be nice one! So you're worried that Cait overstrain herself and she's not able to slow down and chill, heh, I'm wondering for who this reminds me .
Also Isn't the memory strange territory, I often forget big things, but some small details (as your plants) pop in from nowhere when something trigger this association?!

Kay, this dish sounds so tasty! I love both eggplant and zucchini. Hope that you'll find better bandaids!

Trudy, you are real hero! I hate so much phone calls, makes me so nervous, it must be nightmare to have to call on multiple rep! Nice that they will cover at least the parts, but then do they gives you also some warranty?

Jean, do I mistaken or now the computer genealogy meetings are more often?

Linda, my native language is bulgarian, and I often make the girls to struggle trying to guess some of mine narratives. I'm trying to improve myself, but languages don't come easy to me. And english is very confusing for me as words don't have gender, the same word can be verb or noun, lots of words sounds similar, and I'm absolutely and completely lost about the tenses and how the other words change depends on it. I'm so grateful to the girls here that gives me chance to practice! And also if something sounds you too messed or nonsense, you should feels free to skip it!! I don't take it personal when someone don't find what to answer me! Thank you for your compliment!
When the forum is back I'll remind you to tell me more about your dog and how you learn her to love to swim, that's so cool!

and to all until the next week!
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