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Well darn that the O will be closed tomorrow and until the upgrade is done. I will be doing my computer genealogy group tomorrow anyway, so during that time I won't miss it, but still. Amazingly my DH has an appt for the vax on Monday (after H&S). It wasn't easy or quick, but he did it. I'm not eligible yet, so couldn't schedule mine. Today's weather is dreary with some slightly solid rain so glad to be home.

Chris can you take the advice to bundle up and walk even though cold? Do you have heated gloves? It could help to walk. Hope the P's didn't bicker, but that is really their thing and not yours. Need to

Kay, that casserole must be delish! Too bad about those bandaids, you just have had so much trouble from that one "little" injury. Hope you have everything done before the snow.

Trudy, shipping is really a bummer on cost. Good luck with that as well as the oven. You were a champ dealing with them yesterday.

Had phone call from my friend who talks loooong, but need to get going. Hi! to all.