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Happy Friday O-zies!! It is Friday right?? Well yesterday certainly did not go as planned! DH came home for lunch then got on the phone with Maytag, he finally got through and they immediately hung up on him before he could talk to anyone So I went online and did a chat with rep there. Well after waiting in the queue for 20 mins I chatted it up a bit and then they suggested that I call someone at the the same # we had already tried. Of course DH had gone back to work long before this. So on the phone I got and oh my Gosh they certainly don't make it easy to talk to a human being!! After several attempts, finally I got through. I chatted with a very nice man from the States and asked him how come he was taking calls from Canada? He said he prefers to talk to Canadians because we are nicer !! I am sure he was just sweet talking me anyway they are happy to cover all parts that we need, but will not cover the cost of the labour. Well considering the parts are going to be almost $900 I was pretty happy with that! Hooray!!! So the service guy was supposed to come on Monday, but now has to order all these parts and will reschedule when the parts arrive. So I guess I will be using my toaster oven and my instapot a lot more! My whole afternoon was pretty much spent with Maytag and I got zilch done, nadda, nothing!! Today I need to upload a page I did the other day and then find a delivery service for this painting, it will have to be someone other than Canada Post as they do not do parcels as big as this painting. Grrrr!!! Off to the pool in the afternoon and that should pretty much eat up my day! Oh and I need to go soon to pick up my grocery order this morning.

Chris - I sure hope that you will feel more rested soon! You need to get out in the fresh air and clear the cobwebs from your head! Go for a brisk walk, even if it is cold out there bundle up warm and wear your gloves! What a bossy friend I am hey? My Gary is only about 10 minutes from his work place, but there is usually quite a bit of traffic at lunch time so it takes him a bit longer to get home for lunch!

Kay - Yes you are right that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I am happy that she is happy with the painting, but oh my goodness the cost to ship it to her is just crazy! We are trying to figure out a less expensive way to get it to her. Yes this oven has sure given me a lot of grief!! I am glad that the parts are covered and hopefully it will be the end of our troubles with it! You have been busy with your CT work! Nice that you had such a long talk with your DD! I can relate as sometimes it is over an hour with the kids and Heather on some days!

Ok well speaking of the devil looks like Heather is face timing with me so I gotta go and will catch up with everyone later!
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