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Popping early to say "Hi". Yes, Chris... I am excited about the new look we will have here by next week. It will be strange to not pop in tomorrow due to the change-over in forum and gallery. But it will be worth the time once it is done.

Yesterday was a busy day on the computer. Trying to get caught up on some CT work. Spent the morning doing that. Then DD#1 called and we talked for about an hour. Have missed our almost daily phone calls while she was in AZ. Good news is the keypad for the garage door opener arrived. The one that came with the door opener never worked so they sent me a new one. Will see if I can take the one off and put the new one in its place and program it. Need to get it done before next week as they are predicting a 2-3 day snow storm here.

I finally got the zucchini-eggplant casserole made yesterday. It takes about 30 minutes to brown everything just right - then another 30 minutes for it to simmer. But it was worth it as it tastes so good. Have enough for 2 more meals... one tonight and freezing one for later. The original recipe called for it to be baked but I changed it to simmer on the stove so I could fix it in the summer when it was too hot to use the oven. I took photos of the process so may make a LO about it one day.

I am not pleased with the fingertip bandaids I bought - they are fabric ones and don't stick well. Have already had to replace it three times yesterday. When the hand gets sweaty in the rubber glove, they pop loose and one came loose overnight. Will pickup some plastic ones as they seem to stick better. In the meantime, I will use a piece of tape around it to keep it in place.

Trudy, glad the customer is happy with the art piece... even though it isn't your colors. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Have you heard from the manufacture about $$ for the parts? Beginning to sound like it may be cheaper to pull it out and get a new wall over from a different manufacture.

Nancy, know you are happy to have hockey back on. How neat that you got to see a lot of birds on your walk. Was yesterday... looked out and saw a couple of black birds in my front yard - then looked across the street at my neighbor's yard and it was filled with them (about 40) pecking at the ground. Shades of "The Birds"!!! Not sure if they were ravens or crows.

Linda, working from home seems to be what a lot of people are doing. 2 daughters and both sons are working from home. They mentioned that they put in more hours now than they did when they went into work. Glad you are finding time to pop in here.

See you all next week.
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