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Trudy- good luck with your grocery order today! How far does your Gary live from work? Nice(ish) that he gets to come home- as long as he doesn't in your way *wink*
How is the oven repair BS going?

Jean- oooh, your LO is wonderful- the kit/colors are *perfect*
Heh- Arlene sent me a link to a video update from her town's mayor re: vaccine info. I emailed her back "I would love to say this was helpful, but now I have even more questions!" It is truly such a mess. Her mayor said that there is a website to register for an appt. They release the appt slots based on how many vaccines get sent by the state on Fridays. He compared it to waiting online to buy concert tickets. Seriously. I hope you and DH are able to get appts soon.

Cheryl- That sounds like a PITB to get wifi. Hope it gets easier soon, the weather by you sounds nice, It was supposed to be warmer today but it is freezing right now. Boo.
Cait has been making rat hammocks and houses for her girls for a long time and started selling them over the summer. She has really cute patterned fleece and makes them into different styles. She has also made them on special order for rabbits and bearded dragons and geckos.
We do love our fur/scale babies here. Although I doubt that Rita the Tarantula or Patches the One-Eyed Snake would appreciate a hammock if Cait ever made one for them.
That is a great idea for Daisy so she can smell and explore but not wander.

Nancy- I am so happy for you- yay for Hockey!!! The birding outing sounds exciting, did your DH share any pics with you so we can see too?
Would you rec The Widow for me? I saw commercials of it when we were watching Hanna and it looked intriguing.

Felis- I read an article this morning on how the pandemic is affecting everyone mentally and physically and how we need to cut ourselves some slack. I hope that you're able to do that and not let your self-esteem take a hit.
I am looking forward to seeing your page when you post!
That is so funny that you remembered me planting the big plants by the edge of the road! they should be a decent size this summer and each year they will get a bit bigger.

Linda- it makes me so happy that you are here every day! It has to be so difficult working from home. My SIL works in HR at Bayer and she is working from home. She says that she is putting in much longer days now than she was before and even counting her travel times. She would have to fly out to Germany and CA every couple of months.
You will be even more impressed when you know that Felis language is Cyrillic based!

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