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Default November challenge #1 - Lyrics

All members that participate, can everyone PLEASE ensure that you read all the rules for this challenge so that you can claim your challenge points. Thank you!

Welcome to a new month of challenges, it is November!

For this lyrics challenge I would like you to scrap lyrics
that have a special meaning to you or your family.
Words from a song that have come part of your daily life.

My words are Nein Mann

When my kids learned the German language in school, they both had the same
teacher and both learned through the same method, using German songs.
So when Haye was listening to this song, Maya remembered and then I learned
about the song too.

this is part of the song (by Kraftwerk 3D):
Nein, Mann!
Ich will noch nicht gehen
Ich will noch 'n bisschen tanzen
Komm schon, Alter, ist doch noch nicht so sp├Ąt
Lass uns noch 'n bisschen tanzen

in English
No, man, I don't wanna go yet.
I still wanna dance for a bit!
C'mon, (old) dude.
It's not even that late yet.
Let's dance for just a bit!

Since that time the words Nein Mann are often used in our family.
For example, when I ask (think tell or order) my kids to do something and they are busy
doing something else one answers Nein Mann, and the other one joins in with the
rest of the lyrics!

Here is my layout.

So, your challenge is to scrap lyrics to a special song.
No photo required because not all memories are caught on camera.
If the story is not added to your layout, please share it in the forum.

If you have any questions, just ask!

The song can be found here on youtube.

- Scrap special lyrics and tell the story (on your layout or in the forum).
- Please use 80% Oscraps products that are currently in the store.
- Non-Oscraps products or retired O designer products can be used whether the designer is selling elsewhere or not.
- You need to credit all the products used on your layout.
- Your page must be posted in the Challenge 1 gallery by midnight PST November 30 2020 and linked back to this thread.
- And do not forget to update the CURRENT MONTH'S TRACKING THREAD to be eligible for your coupon.

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