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Originally Posted by faerywings View Post
Yes, healthy is totally subjective. /.../
That way we can take a look at the recipe, see if there are any changes we want to make on our own and then give it a try. I know that it is hard to see foods and recipes that might not fit in each person's idea of "healthy" especially when it is part of your being and soul, as I know it is with felis. But we can just use this as a sharing place of ideas/recipes.
/.../ What is healthy for one person might not be healthy for another. Does that make sense? Should I make this message into a sticky thread on its own? A mission statement so to speak?
I was forgot about this, sorry! Thank you for the good words, Chris! But I'm afraid that the sugar is my vice, also my family don't have problems with gluten so we baking many not so healthy desserts.
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