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Default *closed* NBK Design: Technique Challenge 16 Jan - 22 Jan 2017

Welcome to the first NBK Technique Challenge of 2017!

In this Challenge we are going to focus on clipping photo’s on multiple products and layers. You can clip your photo’s to so much more products then masks. Almost anything can be used as a clippingmask. In this Challenge I want you to think out of the box and clip your photo, and copies of that photo, to several products to get an artsy and dimensional look. I use this technique all the time. Here are some tips and examples on how to do this:

I opened the photo that I want to use in a new document. I want to make 3 different clippingmasks so I copied the photo 2 times to have 3 photo’s in exactly the same spot. It is much easier to do this up front, then having to transform everything to the right spot later.

As you see I started at the bottom of the layers bringing my first product under the first photo in (an Artsy Bits and Piece from September Collection) Select the photolayer and then go up to the Layer menu at the top of the screen and choose Create Clipping Mask or Hold down Alt (Option in Mac OS), position the pointer over the line dividing two layers in the Layers panel (the pointer changes to two overlapping circles), and then click.

For the second photo I placed another product (another Bits And Piece) under the photo. It can be anything! Think of the result you want to achieve. You can use Splatter brushes, Wordarts, Paint brushes, even Magic Lights, everything you can think of. I made another clippingmask.

For the top photo I used a Ripped Mask and clipped the photo to it.

I copied this photolayer and set the Blendmode to Overlay! This is something you must try out on your own photo! Every photo is different and you can try out what works best for your photo! I mostly use the Multiply and Overlay Blendmodes but you can try out all the Blendmodes. You can play with the Opacity of the photo too!

I gave this top layer a dropshadow too!

This is what I did with my photo in this page! You can do this in your own way with even more photolayers and Blendmodes. You can even give some photolayers an artsy treatment like making a sketch out of it! There are so many things you can do!
So I challenge you to use multiple layers with clippingmask and also using a Blendmode on the top one(s)
Please tell us what you used as your clippingmasks and the Blendmodes that worked for you! You can leave a short note in the Challenge forum!

Here is my finished page! I added a background paper and an Edge Overlay and some more Artsy Bits and Pieces. I used also the Magic Light Alpha. With an Adjustmentlayer - Hue/Saturation-Colorize I gave the (merged) word balloons a pink color. I also typed some text and placed some elements. I resized everything. After the merge of the layers I did some sharpening and Dodge and Burnwork. I gave the page a warm Photofilter at 10%. You can find that option in your Adjustmentlayers.

September {Ripped Masks}
September {Artsy Bits and Pieces Pack A}
September {Artsy Bits and Pieces Pack B}
September {Paper-Set: Solids}
Your Day {Artsy Bits & Pieces No2}
Your Day {Layered Masks}
FOCUS {Overlay Edges}
FOCUS {Artsy Bits & Pieces}

All NBK Design

And a page from the Creative Team:

From Trish:

Wildflowers {Neutral Solid Papers}
Wildflowers {Artsy Bits & Pieces No1}
June {Simple Frames}
art & journal {Artsy Bits & Pieces No1}

You can win a 4 $ coupon in my Technique Challenge!
• Scrap a layout and use multiple layers with clippingmasks and also using a Blendmode on the top one(s)
• Layout needs some NBK Design products
• Layouts need to be uploaded to NBK GALLERY by Sunday 22 January 2016 11.59 pm CST time.
• Layouts need to be linked back to this thread by Sunday 22 January 2016 11.59 pm CST time.
~~Marianne~~ My gallery

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