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clarabear 04-24-2019 03:34 PM

Help!! Trying to create a wanted type poster
Okay, I am directing a shakespeare play with a wild west theme. I need to find some parchment to make our poster so that it looks like a WANTED poster. I'm not finding anything in my searches. Any suggestions?

wombat146 04-25-2019 01:39 AM

Hey Clara!!!! how are you going?? :)

Had a quick look and came up with these, might find something in Lorie's Pioneer Story collection:

or an old 52 Inspiration pack of papers from Vicki

a vintage set of papers from Vicki Robinson

another paper set from Joanne

These look vintage from Crafty Buttons but they are CU

and another one

and another CU from Palvinka

Hope that helps! :)

VickiStegall 04-25-2019 06:43 PM

Ooooh! I kinda want ALL of those lol

thanks Ona!

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