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faerywings 05-01-2016 07:09 AM

Challenge #4 - Famous Works - May 2016

Welcome to the May 2016 Famous Works Challenge.

While this is the second run of this challenge, it is a new challenge for me to host and I am a bit nervous. I hope that you enjoy this one!
If you love art, paintings, classical music- then you will like this challenge. Last time, we used Impressionist Paintings for inspiration on our pages. This time we will look at different sculptures and statues.

Select a sculpture or statue from a famous artist. Display the image on your page and convert it your scrapbook style.

Some websites to help you get started:
Famous Sculptures
Creative Sculptures
Greatest Sculptures Ever
Top 10 Greatest Sculptures

Inspiration from the Cheery O's

by me:
I chose a contemporary artist whose portrait sculptures seem to have deep emotions. This one in particular called to me. Isn't she beautiful? Here is his website: Philippe Faraut

by Diane:
Spit Warning: Put your drinks down *now*

(is it down? Last warning!)

Aren't you glad I warned you?

by Cindy:

The Rules:
* Create a page with an sculpture from a famous artist. Be sure to tell us a bit about your artist and/or why you chose that artwork in your description, credits, or on your page.
* You must use 80% Oscraps products.
* Your page must be posted in the Number 4 Gallery by the end of the month and linked back to this thread.
* Update the monthly tracking thread to be eligible for your coupon.

faerywings 05-01-2016 07:20 AM
he sculpture that I chose to scrap is Avatar by Philippe Faraut. He is a contemporary sculptor who captures inner emotion in his work. The face of this woman seemed to call to me, with her strength.

SharLamb 05-01-2016 01:27 PM
See gallery for journaling and credits:

scribler 05-01-2016 07:39 PM

Here's mine.

helenedubois 05-02-2016 05:19 AM

Hopoe Memorial Bridge
Love these challenges for the new information that I learn!!

Madi 05-02-2016 08:18 AM

here's mine

faerywings 05-04-2016 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by helenedubois (Post 517144)
Love these challenges for the new information that I learn!!

That makes me sooooo happy to hear! I feel the same but it is awesome to hear that others do too. xo

marijke 05-04-2016 12:37 PM

faerywings 05-06-2016 03:58 AM

This cracks me up Marijke! Love it!

profolly 05-06-2016 09:01 AM

Bird Girl

Somewhere I've always wanted to visit ever since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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