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Shivani 04-30-2015 10:17 PM

Challenge No 5 - Theme:Corner of Your House May 2015

Hello everyone! Cherry-O Shivani here and I'm thrilled to be bringing you the Theme challenge for May.And my first EVER at Oscraps!!!
I must admit this challenge is a bit selfish one for me as I have been wanting to scrap about it for ages :wink: But hopefully it'll capture your imagination and help you scrap some of your beautiful memories.
So here goes:
I want you to scrap about your favourite part of your house - a corner, a fixture, a nook, a hideout, your desk, your wardrobe - inshort, your most loved or hated part of your loving abode OR maybe some interesting memory associated with it. It can also be some of the house projects you may have undertaken or the state of your kids' bedroom. Clean out those closets!!!No pun intended :rofl:
If you are having difficulty choosing for the above, I'm also happy to see your pages about any other inanimate object - something that has a special place in your life.
To get your creative juices flowing, here's my page about a blissful Sunday morning when my husband was cooking breakfast (Oh Yeah!!! those are blissful mornings!!! :wink:) And my little one was cooking for her dad. The result?!!!! see for yourself!
Some of the other Cheery O's played too and here is what they came up with.
Marijke scrapped about her window.And my!!!! What a beautiful one.
And Diane put in a snapshot of her flea corner finds - her messy corner!!!
What superb takes, ladies :)
And now for the rules:
1. Incorporate theme of "corner of your house" into your layout. Journalling is not a must but will be great if you can share the story behind it
2. You must use 80% Oscraps products.
3. Your page must be posted in the Number 5 Gallery by the end of the month and linked back to this thread.
4. You must update the monthly tracking thread to be eligible for your coupon.

So get going :) Ican't wait to see to see your pages :)

bao 04-30-2015 11:11 PM

Mine ;-)

Madi 05-01-2015 05:38 AM

here's mine

scrap-genie 05-03-2015 10:53 PM

Loved doing this one.

Shivani 05-04-2015 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by scrap-genie (Post 483662)

Love your take! What a beautiful colour palette :)

Shivani 05-04-2015 03:42 PM

Love that chair Bao. Thanks for playing :)

Tamsin 05-05-2015 09:39 PM

And here's mine. Thanks to you all for the inspiration.

bao 05-05-2015 10:28 PM

A great one Tamsin !

AnikA68 05-06-2015 01:10 AM

Here is mine. I love my big window when the sun comes in, b ut not today, I see a lot of rain:ohwell:

Shivani 05-06-2015 03:29 AM


Originally Posted by Tamsin (Post 483812)

Beautifully scrapped. It does take you back in time. What a great way to capture this memory! I love the cluster of elements to the right. Thanks for playing.

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