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Aussiekat 01-13-2016 06:08 AM

Anyone - PL in 2016?
Just wondering, anyone doing PL in 2016? I know for many this is a more "traditional" pocket-style of scrapping ... but I also know the creative souls here at the O, and that many of us can take things to that 'next level' and still record daily, weekly or monthly moments.

I'm thinking of doing a double-page spread each month. Pretty low-key, no pressure, but still a way to capture every day little things.

scribler 01-13-2016 07:22 PM

After trying for the past two years, I have given up on the idea. It just does't fit me that well, I guess.

Gerli 01-14-2016 02:11 AM

Silly quesrion: What is PL?

AnikA68 01-14-2016 03:19 AM

Pl= Project life .

I do it again. I started in 2011 and this is one thing I do regular every Sunday, never on Monday, always on Sunday I write my week *lool*
This year I try something different. Nicole (NBK Design) was kind enough and put my Idea of calender into practice. here you can see it: The book will have less pages than the others, which I did weekly (every week one page) but I hope it turned out also wonderful

Aussiekat 01-14-2016 05:36 AM

Morning ladies. Sorry, Ingerlise, about the abbreviation - and thanks, Astrid for answering. Yes, PL is Project Life. For some people, it can be photos and recording something ... for others it's a weekly thing, or even monthly. I've tried versions of all three and found I could keep up with the weekly layouts with something each day for about 4-5 months, and then something would happen. Life. LOL I could probably go back and create pages since my digital photos have time and date stamps on them, I guess.

For me, a monthly layout or set of layouts, I think, will work better.

Astrid, love the calendar that Nicole has in the store - thanks for the link! Love the idea of the written page on the right.

Aussiekat 01-14-2016 05:38 AM


Originally Posted by AnikA68 (Post 506412)
I do it again. I started in 2011 and this is one thing I do regular every Sunday, never on Monday, always on Sunday I write my week *lool*

I love the idea of setting aside a specific time or day to work on the layouts. When I was being really on top of things and keeping up with my weekly pages, this was the only way I could truly stay current.

scrap-genie 01-14-2016 10:45 AM

In 2008 I did a photo a day - and scrapped a daily page! That was overwhelming, but I had lots of support at my digi-scrapping home then. In 2010 I went with a two-page spread each month, not daily photos, but representative. That continued 3 months into 2011, but by then my support place was gone. In 2013 and 2014, here at the O some of us had a thread to share weekly pages of daily photos. After a while it got too much for me and I'm still "on vacation" from the compulsion to photograph.

It's great to look back at the books created for those years so it is rewarding no matter the approach you take. For me, having people to share the trip was vital.

Hope you go with it and enjoy!

CookingMyLife 09-03-2016 10:28 AM

Well I haven't posted here in a while but I still do PL and have since 2011. Over the years, it's become 'cleaner and cleaner'. I like it as a reminder of what we do esp as the memory isn't as strong as before. My dh really likes looking at the albums.

I've moved digi homes so most of my pages here are from trips, not PL.

AnikA68 09-04-2016 07:29 AM

me too I ´m still doing it , also since 2011. I like to have a look in my printed books, what happend the last years

twinsmomflor 10-31-2016 03:02 PM

I stopped... but I love to do it again... That's great that you print your books.

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