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faerywings 01-05-2021 06:03 AM

Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, January 5
*takes one last gulp of coffee, a deep breath, stretches fingers, and starts my day*
Forgets that I need to say a quick prayer:
Please please please, let today be less chaotic than yesterday.

For a person that doesn't go anywhere or do anything, I truly don't understand how my days can get so turned around.
As I am reading my posts from yesterday, I sounded so optimistic that the food shopping weirdness was going to be limited to the searches. I logged in, went to add my current cart to what was in there already and it had already been processed! :frusty:
For those who are unaware and who might care a tiny bit-- (sorry dear reader, that you are a semi-captured audience)- because it is hard to get shopping spots, I grab a spot a week in advance and put in a couple of things to hold the spot, usually milk, eggs, and bread. You have to pay for the items to hold the spot. The Saturday before my shopping slot, I will use the sneak peek pricing on the sales paper to add to the cart. If I do it on a Sunday, then I get the problems of the website being too busy that it times out and/or crashes. Then finalize the rest of it the day before my order is placed.
yesterday's cart for processed while there was $7 in items: 1 banana, a gallon of milk, and a garlic bulb. The fee is $5. so the total was $12.
I called the store and they were able to fix it for me again but my goodness this made me want to put my head down and scream-cry.

I should tell you that I left out an important part here- in between me starting the shopping order and realizing that I couldn't edit the cart, W threw up all over my BR carpet. If I hadn't seen her throw up with my own eyes, I would have thought she had diarrhea everywhere. It looked and smelled that bad. I had to close the door and open the BR windows for fresh air. In spite of scrubbing and Lysoling it, I can't get the stains out so today I am steam cleaning.

But I do have good news!!! Cait's bedroom is back together, I still have some of her knickknacks in my room but the furniture is in and wow, it is gorgeous! Gary busted his butt!
And the other good news is that Scott signed up for the Environmental Stewardship program!! Yay!!!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Even if he gets next to nothing out of it educationally or job networking, it will be good for him to have something to do every week, to stay involved in something that he enjoys. As he put it, there aren't any big papers/tests so he gets the fun part of learning and none of the BS. ;)
He couldn't thank me enough for helping him pay for it as well as finding it and passing it along to him.

Today is gonna be jam-packed fun-- grocery pick up and then steam cleaning. But it could be worse. I could be reliving yesterday so just thinking about that, today is one heck of an improvement! :D


faerywings 01-05-2021 06:27 AM

Trudy!!!! I LOOOOOOVE the new avi!! You and Heather could be sisters! You look gorgeous and young.
OMG, what a mess with the oven. I guess the good part is that it didn't ruin your prime rib. But seriously, what a mess... How is your Gary going to get the door unlocked? Thank goodness that he is so handy with that kind of stuff. I would be done with it all too. I know how I feel about my washing machine and it is frustrating but your oven sounds much worse to deal with.
How sad about the fire and the Tribes and the flooding. 2021 sure isn't off to a good start. The Facetime with the grands must have had you all laughing so much. What inspired Jonah to cut his beard/hair? Gary buzzed his har a few weeks ago after it being long for decades. He was thinking about shaving his beard and we all told him don't do it! I hope that you do a LO- that would be fun to see.

Kay- that is how I felt Friday through Sunday. No idea what day it was. I am sorry that you missed that family chat but at least you got to have a nice phone call with DD#1.

Felis- Good for you to get lots of cleaning done. Years ago when I was teaching, my assistant was from Peru, and in her culture, it was critical to clean out your closets before the new year. My classroom had the school's art supply closet and we spend *days* cleaning and organizing it. Then the other teachers would need something and it was back to being a mess in no time. I hope that your house stays neater much longer :D
I *think* that the upgrade is for forums and gallery but I will see if I can find out if there are to be any changes to the store.
Those mice are soooooo cute!!! The one on the right reminds me a bit of Olivia.

Cheryl- While your face would be nice to see again, Daisy is also a real cutie pie
How are you doing unpacking?

Nancy- the first batch of snow we got was unexpected and it was coming down like crazy then stopped. I thought that it was going to be it so I wasn't happy when it started back up again.
That is a neat device to have for Luther. We need one for Ray since she likes to wander off and can't hear us when we call her.
ShopRite announced they are administering the vax too but right now you have to be a health care worker to been try to make an appt. Gary and Cait are in group 1C, but I don't have any idea when Scott and I can get it.

OMG!!!! :jaw:
Look at that sweet puppy face!!! Bella is beautiful like her name says! Congrats, Rae!! I am already in love with her. I cannot wait to see more pics!!!

BrightEyes 01-05-2021 09:06 AM

Morning, all. Gotta stop falling asleep so early in the evenings [8-9PM] so I can sleep until 6-7AM. Waking up at 4:30AM is the pits! But I am getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep so shouldn't gripe too much. Got my bills to the Post Office before noon yesterday... then decided to go by the salon to see how busy they were. Only 1 person ahead of me so got my haircut! ! ! Been 5 months since my last haircut and really needed it. So glad to get back to my short pixie as it is so easy to take care of - just shampoo, brush and go! :biggrin:

It is laundry day... just put the towels on and now need to sort the rest of the laundry as the hamper is overflowing. Most of my heavy sweatshirts are in there. Been cold so they are my go-to choice most days.

Rae... such a cutie!!! So glad the new pup is getting along okay with Taz. And glad you made the trip okay and hope your back is fine.

Chris, glad that Cait's room is almost back to normal. So sorry about W getting sick on your BR carpet. Poor thing. Wow.. you sure have had a challenge with your on-line grocery orders. Glad they were willing to help you out and open it up so you could add to the cart. I need to go to the store this week... am out of all my fresh fruit, veggies and milk - plus my liquid coffee creamer and several other things. I go during senior hours [7-8:30AM] so there aren't many shoppers then. I will be wearing gloves this time to protect the torn fingernail since I can't scrub that finger.

Cheryl... were you changing your AVATAR... not your profile photo??? They are different. Took me awhile to realize which was which. I changed mine but need to clear my cache as I still see the Christmas avatar in the gallery. Bet you are still busy unpacking.

Trudy... love the new avatar! Wow gal... you look great in the new one.

Felis, love the pics of the mice... so adorable. It is good to download the kits you buy right after you buy them. Even though some stores have a forever download - you never know what can happen. I download and unzip the files right away in case there is anything wrong... have had corrupted downloads that required a new download. None from here at OScraps though.

Time to get busy with a few chores. CYL

taxed4ever 01-05-2021 09:34 AM

Morning ladies... Man it was hard to drag myself out of bed this morning! It is so dark and gloomy outside, although I did have a great sleep! I slept right through the night and didn't get out of bed until 7:30! Hooray for a good sleep for a change. More rain on the way again today along with wind warnings for the area. Ugh more mess to clean up in the backyard. That probably won't be able to happen for some time though as it is so soggy back there that we would sink up to our ankles in water :mmph: Oh well its only water and not snow. I am off to swimming this morning and it will be good to be back in the pool. I did manage to get a page done yesterday and will just put a couple of finishing touches on it and get that posted this morning. I really need to get some commenting done here too. I made a card yesterday too for my grand niece Bella. Yup the same name as Rae's sweet new puppy. Well her full name is Isabella, so bella for short. I did not get any paints ready as I think I will wait until the weekend when my DH will be home to help me with tilting the canvas. So maybe that is why I slept so well last, I am not stressing about this painting so much.

Chris - Aww thanks for the nice comment on my AVI it was taken last year, but I really don't have many photos of myself. That is something I should really try to do this year is to get more photos of my Gary and myself. Gosh I am sorry that you had such a strange shopping adventure again!! Glad that they were able to get things fixed, but really what a weird way to have to get your spot online! What wonderful news about Scott! How great that he will have a bit more purpose in his life right now! You are a great Mommy helping to pay for and finding this program for him! :hug: You will have to try to get a photo of Cait's new flooring for us or maybe you could do a layout of the process?? Did you take some photos of the changes as they were happening? Maybe Cait would not like us peeking into her room though LOL. Awww poor W! Hope the steam cleaning gets rid of the stain and the smell!

Kay - Sorry that you are getting up so very early in the day, but like you say at least you are getting in lots of sleep! What a nice day you had yesterday, being able to get your hair done after all that time! It must feel so much better to have your nice short cut again! Thanks for the nice compliment on my AVI, it was a photo of me and Heather's boys last year while we were at a restaurant, colouring while we waited for our order to come. Pre-Covid of course so it is not a recent one. A few more wrinkles now LOL. Good idea to wear gloves on your poor finger while shopping! That hand sanitizer would really sting!!

Felis - We are having a lot of rain here also with lots of flooding in some areas! :rain: Those tins with the mice are just adorable! I love them! I would think that you should be ok with all of your purchased kits in the shop. I doubt that there will be any changes in that area, but I suppose we should find out for you!

Cheryl - Kay is right your profile picture and your Avatar are two separate photos, so you will have to change them both and if you clean your cache, you should be able to see both! Hope the unpacking is almost all done and you are settling into your new digs!

Nancy - Did you see the game against Canada and Russia?? It was hard to believe that the Russian team just did not bring their game! Guess it will be Canada and the USA in finals, may the best team win!! LOL That is sad about Gerry Mardsen! Did he die from Covid?? Glad that you did not have to do any shovelling! My DH is still waiting for more snow LOL. It has been so mild this winter that I doubt we will get any more.

Rae - That sweet face!! Oh my goodness!! We are all in love with your new addition to the family!

Ok best get my back packed for swimming and get my page in the gallery. Have a great day everyone! :wave:

nancyr 01-05-2021 10:27 AM

good late morning - my DH can be such a curmudgeon. He is not good with technology and when trying to do something new he wants it to happen fast and it not will to go slow. I tried to get him to get the findster app and so if he loses Luther we could find him. Well he never updates his phone so the app was not working correctly and then he just wants to forget it. Oh well. Watched hockey and it was exciting. The US won by scoring the go ahead goal in the final 2 mins of the game. Too close. I hate OT games. So tonight it will be US vs Canada. Those are exciting but also tense. But I am expecting Canada to win. They have yet to be behind in any game. I will need a nap to stay up late.

Chris so sorry you have such a disheveled day. Poor W and throwing up. Poor puppy! I saw that there is now a website to register for the vaccine in NJ but went to register and of course it has crashed. What a joke this whole roll out is! Congrats on your Gary getting the flooring done so fast. It must be so nice for her to have her room back. That is good news for Scott on his new class. Good luck with the pick up of food.

Kay I used to be a morning person and was up around between 5-6 but staying up late has switched my whole body timer. I will be up early once the days get lighter in the morning. I can already feel the days are longer. Congrats on getting bills paid but more importantly your hair cut. I totally love my short hair and as you so correctly pointed out it is wash and towel dry and you are done.

Trudy yes another Canada vs US gold medal game. Should be exciting. I too thought that Russia did not play their best or maybe Canada is just really that much better. So glad you are not stressing so much about your painting and got a great night's sleep. Maybe it was the sound of the rain that helped with sleep. Have fun at the pool!

Rae that is just the cutest Bella! I bet you are going to have such a great time with her.

Have a great day all!

felis 01-05-2021 03:16 PM

Just quickly to say that I'm agree with the others, Bella is such a sweetie!
I was huge fan of the Twilight books, but movies was total disappointment both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart don't match for these characters and I don't like them as an actors and persons. But Stephenie Meyer is still my favorite author with the Host, so I really really love your name choice, Rae!

To the other girls, my apologies that past few days my post are always on rush!!!
But tomorrow have to act like adult, so it's better to get sleep now. All came at the last moment, I didn't expect to travel to the capital, but I'm not able to resolved my bank problem on local level.

BUT Today I had such a lovely day! I got message from dear friend, he doesn't texted me at the NYE and I was so upset (maybe you remember that in my country this is a big deal), but he was so cute and funny today, so I'm ready to excuse this rudeness.
Great news from the vet: my cat is heal now and my friend's cat is still on meds but back in her home! :clap2: Finally good signs, Maybe the planets gets new turn, keep your fingers crossed! :nod:
Tomorrow will leave personals for today too, please excuse me!

Cherylndesigns 01-05-2021 06:13 PM

Hello my lovelies!

I have NO idea if I'm changing my profile or avatar. ROTF Until I get smart enough to figure it out, you'll all have to look at my sweet Daisy's mug.

I agree with you, Chris, Trudy's new avi - amazing!!

I'm still putting stuff away - I think they're going to put that on my tombstone " she is still putting stuff away" or "I know it's here, somewhere".:rofl: Story of my life for the past few months. I KNOW I have it someplace.

Nancy - my DH is a curmudgeon, too!! He makes me crazy sometimes.

My DD, two GD's and I went up to my DD house today and wrote Scriptures on their wood beams (like they did on our house). We call it a "house blessing". It's so fulfilling just to be "in the moment" writing Scriptures on various beams - especially on the entry and exit ways. We wrote in the bedrooms, kitchens, and family rooms, too. I printed each of us a list and we divided and wrote wherever we thought it was appropriate. I could feel the stress pouring out of me as I wrote.

I hope you've all had a good day.


Cherylndesigns 01-05-2021 06:24 PM

Thanks girls - you just helped me figure out why I couldn't get my picture changed. :rofl:

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