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faerywings 11-01-2016 09:15 AM

Challenge #5 - November 2016 - Yum O!

Welcome to this month's Yum-O Challenge! This is my first time hosting this challenge so I picked some "ingredients" I typically use on my pages and then added in a few that I don't always use.

Your recipe is as follows:
  • 1 Photo with a filter or photo treatment on it
  • At least 3 papers, one needs to be a mixed media, artsy or grungy
  • Messy stitches or staples
  • Doodle/loops
  • A large title
The rest of the page is completely all your own. Remember you can use the "main ingredients" as many times as you want, but they do have to be there in order to qualify.

Examples by the Cheery-O's

by Chris
by Astrid
by Vera

** Scrap a page using the provided recipe.
** You must use 80% Oscraps products.
** Your page must be posted in the Number 5 Gallery by the end of the month and linked back to this thread.
** You must update the Tracking Thread to be eligible for your coupon.
Have fun!

faerywings 11-01-2016 09:19 AM

There are a lot more examples from the Cheery-Os coming up. Here is mine limnked up:

SharLamb 11-01-2016 04:12 PM

timounette 11-01-2016 04:53 PM

AnikA68 11-02-2016 03:17 AM

wonderful challenge, had my fun

faerywings 11-02-2016 04:55 AM

And we are off to a great start!!

scrap-genie 11-03-2016 02:26 PM

Had to share this glare!

faerywings 11-04-2016 05:48 AM

As a mom to 2 cats, one who is a tuxedo especially talented in this, I recognize that glare all too well!

marijke 11-05-2016 02:25 PM

faerywings 11-07-2016 04:58 AM

That is gorgeous Marijke! The shadows on the stitching is perfection!

profolly 11-07-2016 07:32 AM

Using mostly supplies from Dawn Inkskip and Anna Aspnes

Madi 11-08-2016 05:30 AM

Ever since we watched 5 seasons of Game of Thrones this summer/fall we use the words ''Winter is Coming". So when I went out this morning and photographed the first frost of this year, I had to scrap this!

background paper is made of 3 papers and the picture is partly copied/blended to highlight the part in the stitches.

NancyP 11-08-2016 05:04 PM

What a fun recipe!! I used a total of four papers. I turned my photo into a watercolor and added bokeh.

easyeyes4you 11-11-2016 01:30 PM

Here is mine... Got an education along the way... Had NO idea what a Gyre was, (read in the gallery) just that it was a pretty photo... In managing to get the image to my phone for altering, I ended up with a 2nd photo sent by my son...Thus there are 2 original photos and then the altered versions... done this way, because my family does not really appreciate too much artsy... they like to see the real thing, and this page is for them.... Also my process is sort of laid out in the gallery... I LOVE playing with blending modes!

faerywings 11-12-2016 09:20 AM

Liz and Nancy- how awesome, love those big titles that grab your eye!

helenedubois 11-14-2016 06:20 AM

Senior Year

faerywings 11-17-2016 07:27 AM

These are all looking amazing!
I am having some serious computer issues (slow and very painful death) so if I disappear for a bit, that is why. But please keep scrapping!!

Pups_r_Paps 11-19-2016 06:07 PM

Here is the ATC I created for this challenge.

1 photo with a filter or photo treatment on it – watercolor AND colored pencil techniques; 3 papers, one needs to be a mixed media, artsy or grungy - blue paper merged with a shape in background, white artsy paper, brownish paper overlay to give color to the edges; Messy stitches or staples – stitching around two sides of photo; doodle/loops – doodle loops in lower right corner; a Large Title – If You Rest

seniorgal 11-20-2016 02:00 PM

Loved the fun recipe for this! Here's mine using the comic book filter on my photo.

P'tiscrap 11-20-2016 03:28 PM

Mine is light, but I used 3 papers (one on the title), and the elephant is part of one (I considered it as a arsty one).

faerywings 11-26-2016 06:33 AM

Fantastic LO's! How is everyone doing? There are a few days left to go to get them in.

DivaMom96 11-27-2016 04:34 PM

Here you go!

ETA: Here is the link so everyone can leave love!

faerywings 11-28-2016 04:49 AM

Deborrah, that is just fantastic on so many levels!!!

KAPOH 11-29-2016 11:44 AM

zlemon 11-29-2016 05:27 PM

I did this one right after Halloween and forget to post it! Thanks for hosting, Chris!

jodegaard 11-29-2016 08:36 PM

faerywings 11-30-2016 06:14 AM

wonderful Lo's!

Today is the last day to get them in, I know you all can do it!! go go go!!! :D

bcgal00 11-30-2016 10:51 AM

I couldn't resist playing along. What a fun challenge this was.

tropt 11-30-2016 03:58 PM

Here is my take on it:

faerywings 12-01-2016 05:05 AM

I loved each and every one of these, you all rocked this!! Thank you so much for playing along!

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