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Traumelfe 01-06-2021 02:21 AM

Gorgeous page by dwsewbiz...

pam p 01-06-2021 08:46 AM

Many thanks
I sure do appreciate your mention of my page.

Cherylndesigns 01-06-2021 09:49 AM

I absolutely love this page by Rollinchen! It just sums up the way I feel about this horrible year we've all endured and looking forward to a better year!

dwsewbiz 01-06-2021 10:44 AM

Thank you , Kersten, for including my page! It's one I am very happy with, and now doubly so. appreciate the support and recognition!

Betty Jo 01-07-2021 04:30 PM

Love this page by Miki, especially the beautiful red shoes and colors! ♥

Traumelfe 01-08-2021 08:45 AM

Love this wonderful page by Marleen.

Marleen 01-08-2021 02:00 PM

Thank you so very much Kerstin you have chosen my page!! :hug:

Miki 01-08-2021 03:38 PM

Thank you, Betty Jo! You made me smile on a bleak day!

AZK 01-08-2021 04:07 PM

I love blending and I love woodgrain backgrounds! This layout by magnolia fits the bill:

AnaSantos 01-09-2021 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by Traumelfe (Post 647415)

Wow, a huge thank you for picking my layout!! x

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