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faerywings 12-06-2018 04:43 AM

Daily Ooo's: Thursday, December 6
I am getting closer to the point where I just want to make the days slow down a bit (a lot!) so I can find time to breathe! It is 630 am and I cannot wait to collapse on the sofa after dinner tonight. I woke up in a panic worrying about what I was going to make for dinner. Not the best start to my day. ha!!!!

Gary and I were off and running at 8 am. His eye appt went well. The diabetic retinopathy hasn't changed in the last 6 months so that was very good news. He is starting to get cataracts- isn't that unusual to happen at 49? At least cataracts are fixable, retinopathy is not. We met up with his parents and liked the very first sofa that we say. But MIL and I laughed as the 2 men had to continue to try every last one out. Then we went to another store to compare but we still like the first one. I honestly didn't care what it looked like as long as it was sturdy and durable. FIL was able to order the sofa online through a military furniture exchange and got some great deals on it. It won't get delivered for 5-6 weeks and he was concerned that we wouldn't have it for Christmas. IMHO- I am happy to get it afterward. Too much chaos between now and the holidays.

I made the sweet potato and oatmeal dog treats- some will be for sale on Sunday, some will go to my dogs, and some with go to the vet when we bring "people" cookies to them too. Caitlyn needed to interview me for a class project so she did that while I was baking. That girl is such a brat. The topic was about being a preschool teacher and a mom- compare and contrast and the blending of the two. She kept throwing in questions like, did you have a favorite student, do you have a favorite child? LOL

I started to peel labels off of wine bottles for a centerpiece gift I am making for BFF and trimmed and dried in the oven tree branches for the centerpiece I am making for Leah's mom. *deep breath* Then I had an hour before I needed to start dinner so I crocheted a little face scrubbie to go with the clay cleansing balms that I made for Sunday. They should go fast so I am going to make a couple more today.

Now. On to my plans for today... Whisky has an appt with the vet this morning and I am cleaning this afternoon. In between that, I need to figure out gifts for some other family members. It never ends. (and I still need to figure out what to cook for dinner!)

Love and hugs and peaceful days to you all!

faerywings 12-06-2018 05:11 AM

Kay- my family is bats*** crazy. In a good way. (I think.) We have a lot of fun together. We were bummed that Scott didn't jump into the picture too. Maybe we will make him next year.
I am starting to count out pills to make sure I will have enough to get me through to Jan 1. I hope that I can make it with a bit of rationing.

Did you have a nice visit with your DD?

I am so far behind with the scrapping for the 12 Days but I am really having fun with the games.

Angela- I can't imagine how much time it must take with medical special needs kids. When my kids were younger, they were being treated for congenital Lyme and the amount of time that took- Drs appts were 2 hours away/all day affair every 6 weeks, mixing and dosing meds ... Dealing with the school was a FT job too. I didn't have to deal with the school for funding like you are but the fight over IEP and 504 Plans for accommodations and then fighting because of "excessive" absences, made me crazy. UGH!!!

I Hope that your meeting went well. :hug:

Trudy- how are your legs feeling this morning after a 3-hour hike? Any luck finding a top for the party? You will look amazing no matter what.

Nancy- soooooo cold!! I don't like it! *stamps foot* Good luck with the aqua therapy. Maybe the hour will go fast.
Hot chocolate with Baileys-- that sounds good! One of the kids' friends left a bottle of caramel vodka here last year, no one liked it. I put a splash in some Baileys and mil last week but it wasn't that good. But Bailey's and hot chocolate sounds divine!

Rae- good luck getting all of your work done and getting a bit of a slow down in a week or so. The photographer said it the email that she apologizes if the horse was blurry in the photos- I didn't think the house moved at all, not even when J wanted to sniff her butt LOL
How was your soup? I made pumpkin soup last night-- was a good night for that.

Felis-- I am going on the record to beg you to stay in the Daily Oos even after the party is over. It is so nice seeing you here.
I am with you 100% about being overwhelmed and not organized. I hope that each day gets a bit less overwhelming for you. For me, it feels like for everything I cross off of my To Do List, 2 more pop on to it.
That horse was so pretty, wasn't she?

Jean- you have been very busy scrapping! Like every year, I feel all scrapped out after doing 20 pages in the last 6 weeks for my IL album. You are flying along!
I am the same, since I don't get out of the house that often, cashiers tend to be my human interaction some days.
Have a great time at the potluck today!

I need more coffee... HAGD!

felis 12-06-2018 05:35 AM

Good afternoon girls, actually probably good morning for you :) ,
today we celebrate the St. Nicholas Day and tradition is to eat fish for a diner. Personal tradition to my family is to put the Christmas decoration on this day. But my sister is out of the town and didn't want to miss the fun, so we decorated it earlier this year. Today I only put it at the cat house. It's such a sunny and warm day, so maybe I'll go on dog walk. I need more exercise. Was hoping to work on page for Joann's challenge, but dad is in home and it's too distracting.

Jean, what a cute tradition with a Chinese restaurant! I'm saw your 52 pages but want first to read them before to comment, will make it soon! I'll work on mine after 12Day's party ended. But I already know that I wouldn't be able to do all the pages and will left it uncompleted. Not happy, but I allowed to be distracted and discouraged and skipped some weeks. Next year will make a monthly pages.

Chris, these face scrubbie sounds very interesting and cute, I think I imagine them, but I'm not absolutely sure, did you have a pic? I usually use konjac sponge. Oh bad about Gary's cataracts, sorry! Great that you are find the excellent sofa so fast! For the children OK, but you with sure had to have favorite student, tell us honestly! I have favorite cat, right now is Hunter with sure (the gray tiger, but not this from my Christmas LO, this is my boy), and my mom hate that, she say I have to love them equal, but I don't see how, when she is most smarter, very sociable, and unfortunately most evil which change her position in my chart time to time.

I posted last but one yesterday, so my personals to the others are there. Lovely and sunny day to all!

taxed4ever 12-06-2018 07:38 AM

Good Morning ladies... I am up early AGAIN!! Have been working on another Calendar using our Paris trip photos for DH. Not anything fancy just the photos from our trip. He wanted one to hang in the room where we keep the wine, so he can keep track of what needs to be done to each wine as it ages. It is very cold here today and it was pretty chilly for our hike yesterday too, but the sun was shining and it was a really nice hike. It was a long one though and my legs were very tired after our 12 yes 12 klm hike. Then I added more walking on top of that as I wandered around downtown trying to find a nice top to wear to the Christmas Party this weekend. I did find a very lovely one at a boutique but there is no way I am paying $90 for a top I might not wear more than once a year. I am far to cheap for that!

Chris - Yes the days need to slow down for me too!! I have a lot of things to do too, but nowhere near as much as you do and I have not been anywhere near as busy as you have been over the last couple of days! Sorry to hear that your Gary is getting cataracts and yes that is pretty young to be getting those already, but I suppose it might have a lot to do with his diabetes :noidea: I am very, very far behind in the 12 Days Challenges and commenting on layouts, but hope to catch up a bit today and we have the rest of the month to get everything done. Glad you are having fun with the games at least! I have to be more active there too :faint: How nice of you to take treats to the Vet for the dogs and the people!! Hope W's Vet visit goes well and you figure out what to have for supper tonight!

Felis - So nice to see you here in the daily chatter forum! I am glad that you are having fun with the 12 Days of Christmas and I really hope to see you stick around afterwards also! Glad that the weather is a bit better for you to get your chores done. No fun going out in the freezing cold to do work. Happy St. Nicholas Day today, it is nice that you did your decorating early with your sister! Hope you have a nice evening!

Nancy - That is too bad that you do not like being in the water! It is hard to go to the pool when the weather is so very chilly, but I bet the aqua therapy water is a lot warmer than the lap pool that I go to!! Sometimes it takes me all day to warm up, especially if they are going to be having a swim meet then they lower the temp of the water even more. :shock: Hot chocolate and Baileys yummmm!!! Enjoy Panera tonight, lucky you two nights in a row of eating out! Did not see the hit on Wilson, but yes you had good reason to rant about it for sure! That kind of hitting should not be happening to anyone!

Rae - You will be so happy to get a bit of a break from work over the Christmas season! You have been one busy lady! Your soup sounds amazing I love Tomato soup but don't think I have had it since starting Keto!

Kay - Hope your visit with DD was nice! You are lucky to have your family close to you and not on the other side of the country like mine!

Angela - Good luck with the funding, it is too bad that you have to out in the rain like that!

Jean - what a nice tradition to go to the Chinese Restaurant! I really like chinese food too, but it is not too Keto friendly LOL. Sadly I have not had much luck with the shopping for a new top, but the search will continue for a couple more days. I even asked my one sister if she had a top I could borrow, so she is looking through her stash of clothing for me and meeting up with me later this afternoon to bring me some of her eggs and hopefully something I like in the way of a top. Gotta love having sisters!!

Alright ladies I need to get into the shower and get going with this day, hopefully I will get some scrapping done and lots of commenting too! Have a lovely Thursday! :wave:

BrightEyes 12-06-2018 07:57 AM

Morning, gals. I seem to be settling in to waking around 6 AM... which is way better than 4 AM! Moving a bit slow this morning with the knee giving me a warning that it might not want to cooperate. it is my 'bad' knee that has had cartilage surgery and a cracked kneecap in the past. It sometimes just gives way with no warning. Right now it is just getting a twinge every now and then when I am walking. May have to get the knee brace out again. << sigh >>

DD#1 and I were glad to have some time together. Unfortunately she had caught her left hand in the car door the night before. She has the fore and middle fingers taped together as they were very sore and bruised. So she didn't stay very long as she was not feeling good. Poor thing as she still has to put up the Christmas tree. Said she would get her hubby to set it up for her, then she and the great-granddaughters would decorate it in the next few days.

I managed to get caught up on the 12 Days LO and games. Also had several other LOs I had to get done yesterday. Then realized that it was too late to go to the library [to pick up a reserved book] as it was 15 minutes before they closed. So that is #1 on my list of errands to do today. Will also stop at the Post Office to get some stamps as they are on the same block.

Chris, so sorry your hubby is developing a cataract. No, 49 is not too early to get one. My 8 year old great-granddaughter is developing one and will need surgery on it soon. I have had cataract surgery and see so much better now. Glad to hear his diabetic retinopathy hasn't changed. My DH had that but it never got bad.

Had to laugh over the guys trying out the couches at the different places. Sounds like you found a good one and I agree... being delivered after the holidays will make it easier on you to get ready for it. So sweet of your in-laws to buy it for you.

Felis, so glad you went ahead and decorated your tree early so your sister could share in the fun. Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Trudy, you have my utmost admiration with your daily hikes. I can't believe you hiked that far then had the strength to go shopping after that!! I agree, that is way too pricey for a top you would only wear once or twice a year. Good luck on your search for the top. BTW, I only have 2 of my daughters and family living close by. 1 son is in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2nd son is in Maryland and the other daughter lives in Chicago... so I don't get to see them very often.

Nancy, I hope your aqua therapy is in a heated indoor pool. Sorry you don't care for the water but bet it will help you alot. Ummmm... hot chocolate and Baileys sound delicious. Brings back memories of a friend and I traveling back to the states from Cairo, Egypt. We had a day layover in London and spend some time enjoying Baileys and coffee. Fun memories of visiting a graveyard in an old church afterwards and acting like idiots!!! :-D

Toucan Scraps 12-06-2018 09:03 AM

sounds like a busy time Chris, I hope you enjoy the sofa, and I'm sure those centre pieces will be beautiful.

Happy St. Nicholas Day Felis. I've only just noticed it's the 6th today. I haven't done the anonymous money packets we normally send to poor neighbours this day. Your tradition sounds fun.

It's been a while since I made a calendar Trudy. I'm impressed that you are making another one.

I hope that pain clears for you soon Kay.

I'm busy sewing name tapes onto clothing and underwear. Name tagging socks is tedious. My youngest is going on an outward bounds activity week with school next week. She's really excited about it.

I've got behind on most of the stuff I intended on creating and preparing for Christmas. I've decided to revisit my list and move everything that is a personal wish to a different list and concentrate on the needs. The rest I could carry on doing slowly and have ready for next year instead perhaps - no-one other than me would know it was intended for this year instead.

bcgal00 12-06-2018 09:53 AM

Good morning, ladies. I'm running behind this morning. D is home for a bit (webinar for work this morning) and that put my schedule out of whack, chatting and lingering too long over coffee in the kitchen. I'm getting to work in a few minutes. I find my work days are much busier now that I am getting the extra day from one of my clients. It seems to stretch out over the whole week so I no longer have a "less busy" day. I'm busy every day now. But I don't really mind, the little bit extra money is appreciated and will allow me to build up a little extra in my biz acct to cover the days when they don't work and no money comes in (like the few wks around Xmas). So, it all works out. I'm resigned to not having the scrap time I used to have (at least until I retired which is at least a few yrs away). Good thing I love my job :)

Didn't make the tomato soup, forget to get leeks at the store. So will try it soon but not this wk. M&M's has a sale on frozen breaded chicken strips and sirloin steak so will pop over there at lunch time to grab some for D. They are a quick easy dinner for him with rice or salad when I don't have time for dinner planning/prep. He has that and I have scrambled eggs or a big salad.

Found out his boss is having a Xmas party the Fri before Xmas. Should be fun. He is a gourmet chef and even though I can't eat a lot of the food (if its not paleo friendly) its fun to watch him cook and serve. His plating skills are awesome. I'll bring the camera and take a few pics. Him and his wife have never had a portrait done so they will be thrilled that I'll take some portraits while there. I need to pop into Winners to check for a fun kitchen gift to bring for them. Did a bit of Xmas shopping at lunch yesterday and got new Xmas mugs for D and I and a little grey decorative tin to leave on the counter by the back door for Taz's treats.

Chris - sorry to hear about G's developing cataracts but at least is operable when needed. You amaze me with your creativeness, all the projects you get done. So glad you found a couch you liked.

Trudy - I'm with you, I'd never pay almost $100 for a shirt (or any piece of clothing). Hope your sister comes up with something you'd like to wear. If not, maybe wear something you have but dress it up with a scarf or jewelry, etc. Wow, what a long hike. Between the hiking and swimming, you must be in amazing shape!

Felis - enjoy your walk and how cute about the decorated cat house. Take pics! What fish do you eat today?

Kay - be careful, take care of that knee, hope it settles down if you wear the brace. Your poor daughter, ouch, bet that hurts. Hope it heals quickly.

Angela - sounds like a busy day of sewing. I'm always behind on Xmas plans so I know what that feels like :) Every yr I say I will get everything done in a timely manner and not be rushed and stress at the last minute, but every year it happens and I am scrambling. But it all does get done somehow at the last minute :)

I'd better get a coffee and get to work. Have a great day, everyone!

scrap-genie 12-06-2018 12:58 PM

Hum & Strum sounded great at the senior center, but the room had to be cleared out for a class so they only had 30 minutes and the folks next door at the pot luck mostly stayed there to eat. Their loss! But when we came out, the ground was already white with more snow coming down. We just came home, put the car in the garage and will only look out at it now.

Chris, that sounds like an interesting interview with Cait! Did you say your favorite child was the one not asking tricky questions? You are getting so much done but I know it never seems like we can keep up with the expectations we create. I too think couch after the holidays sounds easier.

Felis, wishing you a good dinner on St. Nicholas Day. Nice to do the tree early with your sister. I'm sorry you don't want to do the missing weeks for the 52. I still have a bunch missing but I've got photos and plan to fill them in eventually. At least that's the plan now. And, yes, please stay and talk with us after the party!

Trudy, saw that wonderful LO of you in your natural setting in the Scraplift chain. How nice to see that again and think of all that walking you did yesterday. What a nice Sis to share clothes. Hope she found a top for you! Sweet that you're doing another calendar for DH.

Kay, I'm so sorry your "bad" knee is acting up. Makes me stop and think about my bad knee maybe isn't so bad after all. yet. Your family is really spread out, but good some is nearby. Hope DD#1's fingers get better quickly.

Angela, all the clothes tagging will make for a happy outward bound child. Sounds exciting for her. Your plans on changing your list sounds very workable, but hope you can fit in some personal things without stress (or extra stress.)

Rae, always amazing how much you accomplish even with that ongoing workload. The party for DH's boss sounds exciting with watching a super chef and getting to take the photos.

Nancy, I'm sure you had a good time out to Panera's last night.

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