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digiscrapper 03-04-2019 12:26 PM

PSE 14 changes from PSE 13
I just loaded PSE 14 on my new Mac, after using PSE 13 for several years (I know I am way behind...) I am baffled by the change in
in grouping items (command G) and other changes I may not know about.

When I go to the adobe site that explains changes, it only talks about new changes on PSE 18 or 19.

I previously uploaded PSE 14 on my old Mac, but freaked out about the Group changes that I just went back to 13 without bothering to read about the changes. My bad. Have mercy, I am old. haha Michele:violin:

wombat146 03-04-2019 07:10 PM

hahhaa! your NOT old!! :) As to the Grouping, are you talking about the ability to group 2 or more layers into a Folder, in the Layers Paletter??

I used PSE14 since it came out, and only recently (around Christmas time) moved onto PSCC. I have never used PSE13 and was unaware that you could group layers in it? nor PSE14? There is no grouping facility in PSE14 to my knowledge.

I have used a plug-in for PSE for years called Elements XXL, once installed it integrates into PSE seamlessly and gives you a lot more Photoshop type features and functions. One of these features is Grouping, and is the same as Photoshop, just select the layers you want to group together and click the Folder icon and it's done.

If you want more info on the plug in you can find it here:

Let me know if I am on right track in regards to what you are asking :)

AZK 03-05-2019 09:41 AM

I don't have any insights for you, digiscrapper, but I do feel your pain. I just upgraded to PSE 2019 from 13, so the grouping thing is new to me too. What I already don't like is that this new version doesn't seem to have the option to "select similar layers" which I used ALL THE TIME in 13. I haven't had time yet to research it to see if there is a way to still do that.

I just learned about the Elements Plug-in myself, Ona. I'm wondering if I should have bought that instead of upgrading.

scrapinmom 03-05-2019 04:34 PM

I upgraded from PSE 13 to 14 a while back but except for somethings being a bit easier, I manage well for being old! lol

PSE19 doesn't seem worth the money for the changes from 14 to it or did I miss that too? lol

Ona, thanks for the Plug in. I am trying it out.

zanthia 03-06-2019 11:00 AM

ona - i have seen that plugin but it is so expensive - costs about the same as PSE it self when on sale.

i am still using pse 10 - is it worth it.

and if i ever do upgrade do i have to rebuy it again.

also have you tried elements plus - much much cheaper - $12

wombat146 03-06-2019 07:18 PM

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Well I think that is why I stayed on PSE14 for so long, using the plug-in really gave me a lot more features, more than I would have had if I had only upgraded. When I looked at the new features for the last few PSE Upgrades I just didn't think it was worth it.

Stacey, the program cost is a bit costly now, it wasn't when I first started using it but I noticed the price going up over the years. You do get a lot of upgrades though, whenever they get a new feature up and running you are able to download that version for free. I found the cost to be negligible compared to upgrading my PSE, PLUS having to go through the whole set up part for (styles, effects)! pffft!

As I said, it give you a LOT of extra PS functionality that you won't get in any PSE upgrades. :)

As to Elements Plus, tried that years ago and found it very clumsy and I hardly ever used it. Screen shot below shows you how the Elements XXL plug in integrates into the software really well........... the Elements plugin features are shown in light blue, and I also have the Actions and Layers plugins as well, which again added so much more.

You can always download any of their plug ins for a free trial as well. :)

wombat146 03-06-2019 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by zanthia (Post 602148)
ona - i have seen that plugin but it is so expensive - costs about the same as PSE it self when on sale.

i am still using pse 10 - is it worth it.

and if i ever do upgrade do i have to rebuy it again.

also have you tried elements plus - much much cheaper - $12

As to Upgrades on the plug in, like other software programs, you will be upgraded with any fixes to the particular version you have purchased. However, if there is a new version that comes out (they keep in line with the major features that come out in PS CC), then you need to purchase again, BUT only if you want to! They give you a detailed list of just what features are available in the new version and you can decide whether to upgrade or not. You also get a small price reduction if you already have the previous version. But if you don't upgrade, you can still use the version you have. I started with Ver3 in 2016 and am now on Ver 6.02 Personally I haven't begrudged one cent of it as I have never had any problems with it all. You will need to contact them though Stacey as your PSE10 needs an earlier version of Elements XXL (I couldn't find it in the store) ............ use the Contact Us button on their site, Harold Heim, the owner, will normally respond very quickly to any questions asked.

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