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AZK 12-08-2019 08:30 AM

Feast of Saint Nicholas
A few days ago at work we were talking about the Feast of St. Nicholas, celebrated on December 5th or 6th, depending on the country. My parents came to the USA from Germany, and when I was a young child, we would put our shoes outside our bedroom doors the night before, and wake up to a few candies or other treats in our shoes!

That was about the extent of the celebration, and as I got older the habit sort of fell away. I never got around to doing the same for my children when they were growing up, which I regret. It's not really noted here in the US.

Does anyone here celebrate the holiday? If so, what are the traditions you follow?

Madi 12-08-2019 11:43 AM

here in the Netherlands Sinterklaas (st. Nicolas) celebrates his birthday on December 5th.

the days before december 5th, the children leave their shoes by the fireplace, filled with a carrot for his horse, or a drawing for Sinterklaas.
He replaces that with candy, special candy, called pepernoten, tastes a lot like gingerbread. and sometimes a chocolate letter.

December 5th was called pakjesavond, the evening of the gifts.
that is when we used to get the presents.

Now that we have no small children in our family anymore, it is only chocolate and pepernoten at our house.
I like it very much, all the stress and excitement is over by the time of Christmas!

marijke 12-09-2019 01:41 AM

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In Belgium we also have 'Sinterklaas' ...
The children also leave a shoe by the fire place with a carrot and a drawing ...
sometimes they find some cookies alphabet cookies (we call them Nic-nac), 'guimauve', marzipan

When they wake up at December 6 they find chocolate, marzipan, cookies, guimauve and something to play with on the table ...

faerywings 12-09-2019 04:58 AM

We don't celebrate this in my family, but I enjoy reading about your traditions. And cookies... :)

AZK 12-10-2019 10:10 AM

Yes, this makes me feel so nostalgic! Madi, your mention of pepernoten reminded me of a gingerbread cookie called pfeffernusse that my aunt used to make only at Christmas time. I'm not a big fan of gingerbread myself, but the kids couldn't get enough of them! They were special because this was the only time of year they were available (at least the homemade ones). No one in my family makes them anymore. :sad:

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