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bcgal00 01-23-2017 09:30 PM

Favorite Drink
What's your favorite drink?

I love flavored stevia and put a few drops in a glass of water. I mostly use berry or orange flavor. Since starting this, I now drink a lot more water than I used to. I also drink a lot of green tea.

timounette 01-24-2017 12:44 AM

I love sparkle water with some drop of mint alcohol "Ricqlès".

taxed4ever 01-24-2017 09:14 AM

I love to have my Teaberry blend of Black Tea, Black Currants, Cornflower and Strawberry. I have at least two to three cups of this everyday! But the only place I can get it is from the Butchart Gardens website, :sad: But I had just recieved a shipment of 6 packs of it yesterday so I am good for a while. Other wise I drink lots of water. I see advertised on TV machines that give you bubbly water, what is that all about? Is bubbly water better??

timounette 01-24-2017 11:37 AM

I 've got this machine :
It's less expensive.
You have not to go shopping your bubbly water bottles, so it's better for our planet too.
I love my sodastream !!!

Danesa 01-24-2017 12:59 PM

In winter I love Harney & Sons Cinnamon Spice Hot Tea and cooler weather I love Tazo Passion Tea. For every cup of tea I drink, during the day, I drink two glasses of water. Some days, I drink only water with fresh lime. Then I add on a glass of wine after dinner. :)

faerywings 01-25-2017 05:44 AM

Healthy Drink is water. Love it! I will drink tea- green or herbal- in the afternoon if I need to warm up or relax a bit.

Non-healthy Drink: Coffee, coffee, coffee and wine.

VickiStegall 01-25-2017 10:18 AM

I really mostly only drink water these days and I actually really like it. I just dont seem to drink enough of it.

bcgal00 01-25-2017 11:00 AM

We have one of those soda machines but have never used it. We got it as a prize last year. I guess we should take a look at it.

timounette 01-25-2017 11:19 AM

You should Rae... I used it every day since I got it in 2011.

VickiStegall 01-25-2017 07:40 PM

we have one of those. My husband loves it but I don't. But, I don't like fizz :)

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