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SharLamb 01-01-2018 02:21 AM

Yahoo search engine pre-empts Google Search
All of a sudden every time I do a search, Yahoo takes over. I have Firefox set to use ONLY Google. Don't know how it happened, and when I do a search to find out how to get Google back, the links are impossible to understand, and smack of bugs themselves. It really feels like Yahoo has invaded my computer. Has anyone else had this problem. It happened when I was using a PC, but I had a Windows-expert-friend who figured out how to get things back to normal. He doesn't know Apple products.

I'm using Firefox on an iMac.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

faerywings 01-01-2018 06:08 AM

I don't use google search typically, but I did the other day and noticed that it wasn't google results. I didn't think much of it until you posted and tried again. and yup, not google results. So I searched for Yahoo Search and this came up:

I am going to try this fix now and see what happens.
LMK if this helps.

ETA: I found a SafeLock Search Extension and removed that. Maybe that will help.
ETA2: I just did another google search and it stayed as google.

SharLamb 01-01-2018 08:51 AM

Thanks Chris. Will pursue after enjoying some NYD Coffee In Bed!

Hummie 01-01-2018 08:59 AM

Glad you figured it out.

Sometimes Yahoo puts things in other software and you have to uncheck the box when installing.

SharLamb 01-01-2018 10:19 AM

Chris, I'm a total non-Geek. I don't know how to do what you suggested. I'm on a Mac if that makes any difference. Thanks.

Update: Sheesh. I don't really even know how I did it, but it was something to do with deleting extension options in the tools/add-ons. Anyway, it SEEMS to be resolved. We shall see.

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