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faerywings 08-13-2019 05:42 AM

Looking for a Sitcom to Stream
We watch a lot of heavy TV shows, this summer we binged on Chernobyl and When They See Us. Regular shows in our rotation are things like Criminal Minds. To lighten things up, we like to mix in some Sitcoms but we are now running out of things to watch on Netflix or Hulu.
We have watched and loved 30 Rock and Parks and Rec. We are watching Angie Tribeca and Community now and they are ok, not great but not bad either. But we only have a few episodes left of each of them and need something else to watch.

What are your favorite Sitcoms? Are they on a streaming service? Thanks!!!

twinsmomflor 08-13-2019 11:45 AM

oh my I don't watch tv anymore except for the morning news. I watch Netflix and hulu. Supernatural, Heartland, The Resident and the Inbetween…

zanthia 08-16-2019 05:58 PM

have you watched grace and frankie or unbreakable kimmy schimdt ? like both a lot . Also good place is very good too. this i s all netflix

faerywings 08-17-2019 07:26 AM

We watched a few episodes of Grace and Frankie when it first came out and it didn't grab us. Loved Kimmy Schmidt, and The Good Place-- we are waiting for the next season to be available.

Have any of you heard anything about "What We Do in the Shadows" on Hulu? I am seeing a bunch of people online saying it is very funny but that -- and that is it about vampire roommates is all I know.

zanthia 08-18-2019 10:19 AM

not me - been busy watching hbo while have it for a couple of months - nest will get netflix for a bit

do have hulu - never heard of that one

scribler 08-22-2019 08:09 PM

If you have Prime streaming, I highly recommend Psych. On Netflix, the One Day at a Time redo is really good. Alas, it was cancelled after season 3. (CBS All Access wants to save it, so I’m hoping that still happens.)

VickiStegall 08-22-2019 08:27 PM

How about Schitt's Creek? It's not like the ones you mentioned but I think its pretty entertaining.

AnikA68 08-23-2019 02:52 AM

if you want something to laugh: The middle or Modern family
I feel I watched all on netflix and always on the search for a good serie. So I start with Blacklist, because it always showed up when I searched. So I gave it a try: and you can´t never saw a serie with so much tension, beside How to get away with murder.

faerywings 08-23-2019 05:24 AM

Please keep the ideas coming, we are at a loss every night trying to find something new.

I love Psych! We watched when it was on Netflix, then it disappeared. Nice to know it is on Amazon:)
We also watched Schitt's Creek and loved it until it became too over the top for us. They became caricatures of caricatures IMHO- so we stopped watching when it annoyed us more than made us laugh.

We haven't watched the Middle or Modern Family- I will have to add themto the list, Thanks

mary-lynne 08-26-2019 01:29 PM

We started watching Cheers and Fraiser...both on Netflix. The both have several season, so they will keep you going for a while

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