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wombat146 04-30-2020 12:58 AM

May Challenge #7 - 52 Inspirations
All members that participate, can everyone PLEASE ensure that you read all the rules for this challenge so that you can claim your challenge points. Thank you! :)

Hi everyone and welcome to the May Challenge of 52 Inspirations.

This challenge is all about using 52 Inspirations products. As some of you know, 52 Inspirations is a subscription type product whereby you pay a one off amount to subscribe and then receive a min. of 52 weekly products throughout the year. It really is an economical way to build up your Oscraps stash! :)

More details on subscribing can be found HERE and remember that it is never too late to join! :)

For this month's challenge I want you to use SOME 52 Inspirations products on the layout you create and you can scrap about anything you like!!

I challenged myself when I created my page, a personal challenge of sorts....... I wanted to see just how many different products I could use from my stash! and yay, I ended up using 16 different packs from 52 Inspirations 2020; 2019 & 2018! :biggrin: Just for fun, I challenge you to beat that number!! :) Totally not necessary, just thought I would throw the challenge out there and see if there were any takers! :biggrin:

This month my layout is about a beautiful HUGE garden that is located only about 15 minutes from our place here in Tasmania. It is called the Emu Valley Rhododendrons Garden and yeah, you guessed it, it is brimming with beautiful rhododendron bushes and trees! If you want to take a virtual stroll through the gardens use this link HERE. These are the gardens in Springtime, there is also a gallery for the other seasons as well if you want to take a look. :)

I visited the gardens last October during our Spring, the rhododendrons were in full bloom and just wow! There were so many varieties to see and learn about and the colours were simply stunning!!! I was there for 4 hours and I STILL didn't get right around it all! It's just huge! Coming back to the tea rooms for a much needed cup of tea and scones (:biggrin:) I read a pamphet about becoming a member and signed up immediately. Becoming a member means I can visit the gardens as many times as I like throughout the year without having to pay each time! The gardens have lots of other plants besides rhododendrons of course, and I was really looking forward to going there this month as the Autumn foliage would have been on display. But of course, I couldn't go as it was closed down due to the pandemic. But on the bright side, it will be one of my first places to visit once it is opened again!

Here is my layout, the l-o-n-g list of credits is in the gallery! :)

- Create a page about anything you like, using some 52 Inspiriation products - please make sure to list them in your credits in the gallery.
- Please use 80% Oscraps products that are currently in the store.
- Non-Oscraps products or retired O designer products can be used whether the designer is selling elsewhere or not.
- You need to credit all the products used on your layout.
- Your page must be posted in the Challenge 7 gallery by midnight PST MAY 31, 2020 and linked back to this thread. HOW TO LINK LAYOUT TO CHALLENGE THREAD.
- And do not forget to update the CURRENT MONTH'S TRACKING THREAD to be eligible for your coupon.

felis 05-05-2020 08:10 PM

Ona, you are lucky to have such a beautiful place so close to you! And so many elements, awesome page!
Mine is in little bit different direction, but here it is:

I wanted to use some of the newest 52 Inspirations.

AZK 05-05-2020 08:13 PM

I only used 3 different packs for my page, Ona! I bow down to your talent! :hail:

scrap-genie 05-06-2020 12:51 PM

Not close to Ona, as I only used 10 packs but loved so many more of them.

BrightEyes 05-06-2020 03:51 PM

Well, I went totally opposite to Ona and used only 1 52 Inspiration kit to show what you can do with a bit of paper blending plus adding strokes and shadows. Process is shown in gallery.
I used 2020 52 Inspirations No 17 - Intime by reginafalango

Thanks for hosting, Ona.

wombat146 05-07-2020 01:48 AM

oooh! look at all of these fabulous layouts!!! off to the gallery I go!!:bolt:

myla 05-07-2020 03:37 AM

tassiemeemaw 05-08-2020 12:56 AM

:) next, catch up together Ona? perhaps

Mary Davies 05-08-2020 08:52 AM

Thank you for the challenge Ona.

wombat146 05-08-2020 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by tassiemeemaw (Post 632826)
:) next, catch up together Ona? perhaps

Oh for sure Tracey, totally looking forward to meeting up for coffee again in the near future!!! :love: and we will need to get a photo next time!!!! :)

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