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faerywings 11-08-2019 06:11 AM

Daily Ooo's: Friday, November 8
TGIF! Happy Friday to you all!
This is how my morning begins: Alarm goes off, roll out of bed, go for the coffee pot. Am intercepted by Gary who asks me if I want to foster a dog. Wahhht?
An old friend of his needs to find a home for her dog before Monday when he is going to be put down. I don't know (nor want to know) details. :lalala: But there is NO WAY I am taking in a fourth dog. I feel bad- I really do. But no way no how. I can barely afford the dogs we have. I got my coffee and decided to ignore that part of my day. :D

Cait's appt went fine- Dr is going to switch up a few meds.We had a fun time chatting in the car. One thing that is going to be neat is reading one of her papers when she gets it back from her professor. It is for her Psych of Love and Sexuality class. She had to interview each of us and we had to take a personality attachment test that measures our attachment styles. The interview asked about how we met, how we felt early in our relationship and how is developed over the years. All she would tell me so far is that out interview answers were practically identical and that our Attachment styles are Secure. She added some additional info in her paper as she has been "doing longitudinal observational research on you since I was born." That kid...
Gary found some old videos from 2010 on his computer. They were fun to watch. Some were from the last time all 4 of us were in PA. Seeing my old babygirl Harley was - I dunno. It was sweet to see her and I miss her so much. My heart melted. We watched some clips of Scott's second batch of rats, featuring Cody who was a *big* boy. He kept stealing the other rats treats. No wonder he had rolls. hah!!

My dad is coming up this morning and I realized that I have nothing to feed him! He also is on a low sodium diet for his vertigo/Meniere's and I have nothing in the house that is appropriate. I am going to have to bribe Gary to run to ShopRite.
Speaking of SR, my town has the most exciting news. We are getting a new food store.It was posted last week on the local FB page with a teaser that the name would be announced at a Council Meeting on Wed. OMG - the drama and exciting was *crazy.* It is some brand new market that no one has heard of but if I can get decent produce I will be thrilled. The broccoli that I bought on Tuesday was moldy yesterday.:mad:

I am really excited to see what the LR will look like after IO am done today. Gary also found the paint for the DR so I will work on that tomorrow. *fingers crossed* By Next week, my house should be on it was "back to normal" whatever the heck that means :pound:

Have a wonderful one! ::grouphug

faerywings 11-08-2019 06:23 AM

Trudy- how much snow did Heather get? Please let it melt quickly, although I bet the boys were excited to see it. we didn't get any snow last night (whew!) but might get some on Tuesday. I can't believe you are having more trouble with your modem, Actually I *can* believe it. pfft. Did your Gary have any luck getting it hardwired?
technology is a blessing and a curse!!! I do miss some of the smiliies a lot! Gaah and the coffee ones, for sure ;)
The grands are lucky to have both sets of g-parents!

Kay- how nice to have the new earrings go in so easily, you will be happy when you can switch new ones in all of the time. You must be getting excited to have the family together soon. Is that in two weeks, before T-Day?
To add in to the day confusion, we have been experiencing time confusion, since all of the wall clocks are down too. ha!!

felis- Bet the house looks and smells all sparkly. But I am sorry that you weren't able to enjoy it with your family. Hope that today is a more relaxing day for you.


felis 11-08-2019 08:05 AM

Just a quick pop up as I know that Chris will ended getting this fourth dog.
It's a personal experience advice: don't put feelings, be very rational, count the space you have, and the behave of the all three dogs. I'm made mistake to overrated the situation and to have too many animals on not enough space brings fights and start disease, as Nature have own rules for population control.

Also be strong at decision only to FOSTER and don't become closer with him! It you could find new home for him, this will be perfect Christmas miracle! But if have even the weakest possibilities to start love it immediately, better don't go to see it.
I hate when life put us in this situation! But you can't fix the world, no matter how hard you try, and I'm too tired to think that we should continue to try! Good luck in your decision, no meter did it will be to wave a white flag or to take this journey!

taxed4ever 11-08-2019 11:55 AM

Morning ladies, I will have to just pop in and out of here today as wouldn't you know it our Heat Pump is not working again and the repair guys should be here right away! Thank goodness it is not freezing cold outside! I have a very bad feeling about this!! The fan continually runs, it is blowing cold air again and we are unable to shut it off using the thermostat. We had to throw the breakers to shut it down. Hopefully it is just the thermostat and not the pump itself :pray: Oh and I have another commissioned piece to get started on, yes more turtles LOL. Hope that you all have an amazing weekend and I sure hope I can catch up with things here soon! Tomorrow will be a write off as we will have our usual busy Saturday and then off to the In-Laws for supper, that is a whole other story that I will have to share with you soon! :wave:

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