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faerywings 11-07-2019 06:04 AM

Daily Ooo's: Thursday, November 7
Good morning! It is a Thursday that feels like Friday ATM, but will eventually feel more like a Wednesday, I think.
My plans yesterday and today got all flipped around but they (seem to) have worked themselves out ok so that is a net positive for me.

Yesterday, I started painting and kept going until I was almost ready to head over to my neighbor's to clean for him. I usually go over while he is food shopping with out other neighbor since he doesn't drive. But he wasn't going food shopping and usually comes over here to hang with Gary so we aren't in each other's way. Here- there is nowhere to sit!
He is shopping today so I kept painting and will head over there this afternoon. 98% of the room is all cut in and baseboards are done too. I am almost ready to rock and roll (ha!) tomorrow with my dad.
This morning I am off to the allergist with Cait for a recheck/med adjustment since she is still getting hives.


faerywings 11-07-2019 06:13 AM

Trudy- IMHO, you made a smart choice about your hike. It sounds like it is a good one to do, but not at the cost of your car. Sounds like you would need a realignment when you were done with that road.
It is so interesting how different the painting come out- it must be such a *fun* painting technique to do.
When my kids were little they used to say that they were going to buy houses next to each other and build tunnels (like the hamster cages, Habitrails?) between then. I could get with that:D

Nancy- yuck about being sick- I am glad that it had nothing to do with your knee. But if it is the same head/chest cold that we have here, it is a PITB! I am still hacking up a lung. Great to hear that the Devils are getting their act together.
My BFF texted me a news article the other day about Mark Pavlich (NYR from the 80s), that he was arrested fro attacking his neighbor. He was found incompetent to stand trial, they think he has TBI. So sad what is happening to NFL and NHL players :(
Feel better-- sending you some soup and tea!

taxed4ever 11-07-2019 11:25 AM

Morning ladies... It is a nice morning here and I have already had my face time talk with Heather and Hunter. They are both doing well and Heather showed me all the :smow: they now have on the ground Uggh!! So I did not tell her what a lovely day it was yesterday and that it was t-shirt weather LOL. People were out cutting the grass and getting the leaves and dead growth cleared from their gardens. I however spent the day fighting with my internet provider and ended spending hours doing that instead of painting and scrapping :mmph: I should have gone on the hike, it would have been less stressful!! So I talk with the cable company and they tell me to head down to the local Shaw office and pick up the newest modem and replace my old one. It is only a few minutes away, so off I go. Well I get home and open the box and it is the exact same modem that I already have :mmph: On the phone again and down to the Shaw office to give them a piece of my mind (really I didn't get mad at them LOL) . Got the new Blue Sky modem and went through all the steps of getting it all set up. Really nice young man that I was talking to earlier called me back to see how it was all going and he said I did everything perfectly Hooray for me!! So I got him to help me set up my android box as it did not seem to be connecting, that was an easy fix. Was there anything else he could help me with? No I didn't think so. Well of course I forgot about DH's computer downstairs and wouldn't you know it, it won't connect no matter what I try. :frusty: Our son calls as I am working on it and he was happy to help me out, but still nothing was working. It works fine if it is on the wireless, but I can not get it to connect hardwired, which is how DH wants it to be. So for now it is wireless and I will try to fix it today! It better not take too long as I really need to get this painting done and so many other things that never got done yesterday. I feel like the whole day was wasted!! Where is my gaah smiley!!! LOL.

Chris - You are a busy lady!! How wonderful that you got so much done yesterday! It should be a fun day with your Dad tomorrow, hope that you will get the job all completed together! I did have a good talk with DS yesterday and they are excited to go on their Christmas vacation to Disneyworld, but the cost of the passes is astronomical now, good thing they don't do this trip every year! I am not sure if I told everyone here or not, but the grandkids other Grandparents are taking them to Africa in March, they don't know yet, but what lucky kids Isaac and Sadie are!! Makes us feel like we will never be able to measure up now though LOL. Hope your cleaning job goes quickly today!

Nancy - Uggh on having the sickness!! Hope you are feeling much better today! Glad that it was nothing to do with your knee! Hope you get to see the game tonight against the Flames, glad to hear that your Devils are coming out of their funk! Take care of you!! :hug:

Ok I best get busy and get everything caught up with today! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! :wave:

BrightEyes 11-07-2019 11:46 AM

Well, here I am with most of the morning gone and I am still in my PJs... Need to get my shower soon then get started on the laundry. Slept in until after 6:30AM so guess my body is finally adjusting to the time change.

DD#1 came over for coffee yesterday and we spent the morning visiting and talking about up-coming plans for the family. I got her to change my earrings and they slipped right in with no problems. So I should be able to change them myself from now on. Glad to have some smaller posts on this pair as the other ones (for pricing ears with a sharp point) bothered me at night when I laid on them. Will give it another week then change over to ones with wires.

Chris, so glad you got so much of the painting done! Know you will be happy to have it all finished before the holidays arrive. I know what you mean about days seeming to run into each other and trying to keep track. Glad my computer has the day of week along with the date on it as that helps me keep up with what day it is.

Nancy, so sorry that you got a cold... but glad it isn't related to your knee surgery. Hope all is going well with the PT and your are recovering okay.

Trudy, you made the right call to not try to go on that rugged drive for the hike. So sorry about all the problems with modem exchange and getting things hooked back up. It is always a big challenge to things set up the way you want them.

Time to get my shower and get busy with my chores. CYL

felis 11-08-2019 02:12 AM

Good morning girls!
Thursday was mostly day for big and detailed cleaning. At Friday (which is now :roll:) my family make small party, nothing spectacular, mostly family members. But I'm not on your opinion and actually think that the closest people criticise us more than strangers, as they pretend to know us, and knew what is to be in our shoes. Add that people here loves gossip, so yes it was need lots of painstaking. Even we have similar to Trudy's warm weather, the days are now so short, so no option for garden party.

Chris, I'm agree with Kay, when holidays arrived you'll be so proud from the results you got now! Have fun with your dad! Hope Cait's allergy went fast!

Trudy, the hike trail sounds intrigued, but is understable why you had to skip it. Hope the next week is somewhere closer and the weather still allows hikes! Oh yes these equipment replacement and readjustment are always stressful! Hope all will be set up fast!
I don't remember did I told you, but this summer I hunt out my favorite swim at coffee smiley, as I was addicted to it LOL. They are missing because the host O used is being banned by the lady who is copyrighted them. You can remove all broken smileys from O as she don't allows to be used anymore without paid subscription.

Kay, my mom have similar problem with her ears and she have one pair small silver thin hoop earrings just for sleep. In some cases gold can be also reason this to happen.

Nancy, get well soon!

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