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lm44west 04-18-2019 07:37 PM

Clustering tutorial
Hi. Does anyone know of an instructional video to help with creating clusters.

wombat146 04-18-2019 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by lm44west (Post 608425)
Hi. Does anyone know of an instructional video to help with creating clusters.

Hi there, I created a tutorial for a Creative Techniques challenges many years ago and just looked on my PC and I still have it! lol! I will post it later today for you to have a look through. It takes you through the basic steps of laying down your cluster products in Part 1 and then in Part 2 you add some more stuff and I also cover shadow work in it as well.

Since I wrote that tutorial (way back in 2011) I have refined the way I create tutorials and if I get a chance over this weekend I will create another tutorial, probably one with a bit less detail and text! lol!

But hopefully this one will give you an idea of the basics. :)

Editing to say that I have posted both Part 1 and 2 of the tutorial, please ask if you have any questions about any of the steps. More than happy to help! :)



lm44west 04-19-2019 05:11 AM

Thank you so much. I can't wait to play with the tutorials. It is so nice of you to have updated them.

faerywings 04-19-2019 05:53 AM

Thanks so much for asking this, lm44west! And thank you Ona for sharing your technique/tutorials. I struggle with clusters a lot and this will be very helpful :high5:

taxed4ever 04-19-2019 09:01 AM

Great tutorials Ona! Thanks for putting them here for us! I struggle with clustering also!

VickiStegall 04-19-2019 05:46 PM

I also struggle with clustering - hence why there aren't any in more lol Thanks so much for this!

margje 04-20-2019 03:28 AM

Awesome! Thanks Ona!

marijke 04-20-2019 07:54 AM

superb! thank you Ona.

clindoeil 04-20-2019 09:49 AM

This tutorial is very cool ! Thanks Ona !

AnikA68 04-21-2019 01:37 AM

thanks Ona, great work

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